Saturday, November 6, 2010

It is getting close

Luckily as the weather is turning colder the days are getting closer to my trip down to florida.
Flights are booked, car rental is booked, hotel room is booked for Pompano beach (thanks to Heather and her mother's time share), the hotel room for Key Largo is booked (since we will going down to visit with Brad and Lilly one night), the hotel room for KeyWest is booked (since we will venture further down and enjoy the drive, and scenery as well as the night life and sunset/sunrise  in Key West.
I hope to venture into Miami atleast once while we are there it seems to be only 30 minutes from Pompano where we will be staying.
The whole trip expense is adding up because I just keep adding more to it, but its really not so bad.
Flight 500 car 170 room one 140 room two 200 total: 1010... so that is really not bad for a whole week in paradise! :)
That is of course not counting the expensive camera that I bought just to add to my addiction lol.
Luckily all we have left is food/gas/entertainment expense.. so it has all come together.  We have only 29 days left until we arrive at our destination. 

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