Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One thing that I will not tolerate is my children mis-behaving in public.  It is one thing to mouth at me every now and then and slack on chores some as all teens do this, but it is not and never will be ok to get called to the principles office for inappropriate behavior and be issued a day of ISS  (IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION) OH MY GOD!
Destiny got it once when she was in middle school for chewing gum and I remember coming down her very hard. She didn't even get to go to her CHorus field trip to Six Flags because I felt that her getting ISS (which means she has been warned 2 other times before they issue the ISS) was just ridiculous.  Now it is Desmond's time. This is first time to really get in trouble, but its not that he is in trouble it is what he did.  He wrote on the board of a teacher he dislikes the word PENIS really big before school started.  WHAT? WHAT? HE DID WHAT?  How ridiculous is that?
I figure he did it to be funny, so he could say I did that to his friends or something, but its just our right stupid!
Soooo my poor boy will be spending a day in ISS tomorrow and go two weeks with no xbox, no psp, no tv, and no outside play time.  YEP TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Plenty of time to think on how crazy it was to do something that silly, two weeks to get himself straightened out however he might need to be able to control himself the next time a thought like that pops in his head. 
I worry about some of his influences and I worry about him anyway but never this kind of worry, never worried about him being this ridiculous.  He is a honor student with good grades and normally NEVER gets in trouble at school but now has done this?  yeah.. po Desmond, mommy is ticked.

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