Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beginning - Christmas 2010

Well Here we go again... its that time of the year. Thomas is out busting his tail on putting up around 18,000 lights that will be animated and I worked on some door art, and helped him some.... but I had to do laundry too lol.

I decided spur of the moment to go all out and decorate our door this year, all of the sudden... while we were at walmart just on a whim... I bought all of this crap! lol

But, the finished product does like kinda shnazy :)

Here is some of the start, just to give you the idea of how much work and effort is put into this light show 
 Above are some of the lights for the mega tree (which is still in progress.... maybe it will be up tomorrow and I can post some photos then)
Here you can see one of Thomas' controllers (the sequence box the thing that makes the lights dance to the music).  Also you can see we use our tomato cages to wrap lights on lol it works!

Close up

Close up of of his arches... lots of work went into those

 Candy canes!

Tada!  Ok... the house still needs more lights, the mega tree has to be finished and he is still working on the green grass, but it is all coming together :)

See the multi-colored trees by the cars? I put the lights in those trees. (patting myself on the back lol)

And here is the lighting engineer himself... working on the green grass.... he rocks so hard! :)

The lights on Harrison Stree will be up soon, I will post a link to the website once Thomas has it ready to go this year! :)  Merry Christmas!

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