Saturday, November 13, 2010

Banana Pancakes

I absolutely love the song Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.  The laziness in the song, the beat, the way it makes me feel everything about the song is amazing. I sing it often, play it in the car often and everyone who knows me knows I love this song!

My sweet man, spoils me ROTTEN! I mean so bad I must surely stink of rotteness. 

He takes me on one or two date nights weekly because he is so amazing. He loves me even when I am not that attentive to him. He loves me despite the fact the house is messy.  He loves me when I am in a pissy mood.  He makes me smile when I don't really feel like I want to, and when life is not always going well he lifts my spirits up. 

Yes, this man I speak of is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!    I was awakened to breakfast in bed this morning. Not your ordinary breakfast in bed, even though it is never ordinary for a man to do this for his lady.  My man actually got up and made me banana pancakes!  He made caramel syrup to go on top... and they were simply devine.  He said "since I can't sing" when he woke me up, took me a minute (because I am usually slow lol and the fact that I had just woke up... but finally I realize it was more than just breakfast in bed (even though that is spectacular) it was indeed my banana pancakes... so my start of this morning was wonderful and made way for a marvelously lazy day! :-)

I ate up the delicious pancakes then got up and took some photos and decided I would make a video of some of our pictures from this year with that song in the background.... lol I want to remember this morning always and this is a wonderful way to do that! 

So here is the video.
Unfortunetly its the longer version of the song which is not my favorite... just hang on the first two minutes and enjoy the photos... lol the song will pick up!  

I am not good at making videos either... its a bit slow and some photos the effects are messed up lol but I have chores to do and things to get done today before the BAMA game.... and I wanted to share my happiness with the world! :)
I love you Thomas and thank you for making my life special! :)

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