Monday, November 22, 2010

8 years

Happy Anniversary to US!!!
I have been blessed so much in my life.  One of my treasured gifts is the gift of love and companionship that my man gives me.  He loves me as I am, even though I could stand to lose 40 lbs, even though I whine and complain and even bitch and moan sometimes, he still loves me JUST AS I AM!  I know this because he expresses love to me in so many ways.  Always taking time to take me on date nights, still opening my car door for me, rubbing my feet and anytime I curl up next to him he caresses me and expression affection toward me, he spoils me, if there is something he knows I want or would like he will figure out a way to make it happen and he is pretty freakin' awesome at spoiling me. He makes me breakfast in bed (banana pancakes even!).  He makes me laugh.  He tells me I am beautiful. I can be myself with him, and not worry about him not accepting something I say or do. He  may not always agree with me, but I can be me and that says a ton about him right there. 
We have had the best 8 years together. A few rocky patches, what relationship doesn't have that! But, I am proud to say that each rough spot has only brought us closer together and I feel that our relationship has reached a point to stand the test of time and I see us growing old, very old together. 
He brightens up my world!  I mean sure there are times I want to ring his neck... as he will want to do to me also I am sure, but that is the men are from mars and women are from venus situations normally, not anything he does in particular lol other than be a man!  I wouldn't change who he is and I Love him just as he is! :)
I am very happy to have spent these past years with him and have way too many wonderful moments we share together to ever begin to mention them all here in this little post, and I can't wait to see what our future holds together.
I love you, Thomas!

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