Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rental Car

The flight has been booked for some time now.  The car rental on the other we went back and forth on. One or two cars, split the cost or what.  The cost was averaging around 300-400 dollars for the week rental of a mid size car for what we could tell.

Heather said one comment on facebook about us possibly getting two seperate vehicles so we could go our own way if we wanted to.

Well I thought I will look online when I get into work and see how much that would cost (before actually clocking in of course).  I found a steal of a deal immediately through with Enterprise.  I double checked the price. Did a seperate search and everything because it seemed so unreal.  I went ahead and booked it right then and there because it was such a deal.

I got on facebook and saw another post where Heather had done the same thing a few hours earlier than me (which we are on different time zones so that always confuses me if it was actually right at the time I was doing it or how facebook documents those times?) lol anyway... she was typing to me about the deal she had got.  I thought to myself "great minds think a like" because we are so fracking great! :)

Ok the steal?  I have got a rental cal, mid-size for 7 days with insurance and everything for the low price of 168 dollars.  The actual car rental was for only 93 dollars for the entire week! :)  So now we have seperate vehicles for the price of one.  I LOVE IT.  It was just meant for us to go on this vacation and spend this awesome week together... we only have 30 some odd days to go.

I haven't lost a pound though... damnit!  I am going to have blast fluff and all though!

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