Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reading and something constructive

A past time of mine that I thoroughly enjoy but never seem to make time for... yes that would be reading.  I have read many wonderful books and have many more that I have been dieing to read, but can't find time.  I go and buy the books but never break them open.  I have a kindle that I rarely use but I love (how can  that be?).  I have so many things that I simply tell myself there will be time for in the future, but truthfully there will not be any  more time for these things if I don't make the time for them!

Working full time, having children, running a home, having pets, having a hobby (photography), needing to lose weight, needing to seek out a different field for  my career and making time for reading. See making time for reading falls to the bottom of every list I make.

I am cheating now.  However I don't feel like it is cheating because I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I bought the book 'The Help' from  I have it on my mp3 player. I listen to it while I am doing something constructive like cleaning the house, doing laundry or going for a walk.  I LOVE THE WAY THIS STORY IS BEING READ TO ME!  They have different people reading for different characters and it seems like I am a fly on the wall, listening to something that is happening right now.  I have enjoyed it and will use it to motivate me to get up and do something constructive when I really don't want to like right now.  (I have tons to do around the house and I haven't cut this story on in over a week, and I am dieing to get back to it!).  Now that I have found this new way of making time for some reading or some books that I have been wanting to read, hopefully I will find another good listen after this book to keep up the motivation.

I also have been reading (actually holding the book and reading with my own eyes) the last book in the Hunger Games Series 'The Mockingjay".  I loved the first book, the second was good, but the third has lost me somewhere.... I haven't read much of it yet so I hope it will pick up soon.

I have purchased the first two books in the 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' trilogy.... I am hoping these will be good, I haven't begun them because I can't seem to finish what I have already started.

Ok, now its a beautiful Sunday and I want to do anything but chores..... but to make me enjoy the tasks at hand I will be equipped with my mp3 player and "The Help" of a good story.  I don't think its cheating if I am doing something while listening... now if I was sitting on my chair doing nadda and had the mp3 player reading for me lol that would be a pretty serious cheat there.

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