Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I wore my purple today did you?  I sit and think of the people that are so anti-gay that they would be so cruel to other people.   I have seen my share of ignorance growing up in the south.  But we are so far past some of the hatred.... this day and age, people should be more educated... but they refuse to educate themselves on how to be a civil human being.

That being said.  I am not gay, but if either of my children came home one day and told me that they were, I would not be ashamed of them, I would be proud of them for being able to accept who they are and wish them all the happiness they can find in this life.  Do I wish that my kids were gay? No that isn't what I said at all...I simply say that a status such as that would not make me view my children any different nor would it make me love the one ounce less.

I said that to say this.  I am open and very liberal, I don't tell my children which way to be about religious issues, political issues and even moral issues. I tell them how I feel and explain the reasons I feel the way I do about things, and that they are entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, and when they are old enough to vote, and express their thoughts and feeling on such issues that they should do so with knowledge that they have researched and feel in their heart is right and not based on what someone has told them or preached to them.  That is how I raise my children.  To be wise.

Now, I said that to say this.  My son told me today "I hate gay people".  I said "Oh son, why would you dare say that?"  He goes on to say "because I do".   He could not give me one good reason on why he felt the need to express that to me, so in my opinion he gets that where he gets most of his ignorant comments from... his father's side of the family.  I told him how I felt about what he said and even gave scenarios on how he would feel in certain situation to try to educate him.  I said I would not be ashamed of my children if they were gay but there was shame in the comment that my son made to me about hating gay people.  Have I failed my son in not educating him enough?  Should I talk to his father about the comments he makes?  Is this world still THAT CRUEL?  Then I think yes the world is still that cruel when children take their own lives because of the shame they feel for being gay.  Some dislike gays for religious believes and others for other reasons I guess? I can't understand it myself... but God is love.  My God loves his children the smart, intelligent ones, the obese and skinny ones, the heterossexual / bi-sexual / homosexual, and even the ignorant people who refuse to change.

I pray for the people I know who are so closed minded and say such strong words as "hate" about another person or cause.  I pray that the world will progress past the ignorance and be a better place.... that's all I can do.  Wear my purple, express myself and pray.

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