Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photography bliss

If you know me, you know I have few obsessions in my life.  One being food, and the other being photography.  However I hate to prepare/cook food, I only enjoy devouring. When it comes to photography, I love it! I love to look at peoples photographs, critique my own, try new and different poses/compositions and even photoshop them (which I refer to as "playing with them" because I have no idea what I am doing lol).  I LOVE LOVE PHOTOS!

And to explain the title here.... I am just in photography bliss.  I got a Nikon D5000 (DSLR) for my brithday May 2010.  I totally admire this camera.  It really does do all the work for me. I can set the aperture, or ISO speed and even use their scene selections or just take a b&w but truthfully no matter if I change a setting or leave it alone, the CAMERA does the work. Is is friggin amazing.  The only downside to having the DSLR is their size and weight.  After lugging this camera around on several family day trips.  I have found that it is hard to maneuver all day long. It is awesome for the "photoshoot" type days, or the days were are going on a scenic view somewhere and I want the BEST photos.... I wouldn't dare take another camera. BUT... yep there is a but.  I plan on going on a trip in December for 7 days.  I know I will tire from taking the DSLR EVERYWHERE all 7 days and fear a photo op may be missed due to my fatigue.  That would be an absolute shame. 

I had a Canon Power shot which I loved... it was a 350 dollar camera that I bought about 2 years ago.  I have taken the majority of my average photos with that camera and LOVED IT... until I killed it.  Yep it is dead, and I am the only one to blame. I had been taking it on the kayak with me knowing it wasn't waterproof, and didn't even put it in a waterproof casing. I simply bought a waterproof box to keep in the boat and pulled the camera out during what I called "safe" zones and took photos and then put it back in the box. This worked on several trips.  That is until one time I forgot to put it  back up and put it around my neck which where I usually keep the point and shoot camera.    I tipped the boat with the dog and instinct had me grab my dog and not my camera lol.  Yep the camera was submerged in water.  I let it dry out before attempting to use it and I thought whew I got by because everything appears fine and cut on properly until I took photos.... then I was sure everything was fine as they appeared fine on the screen.  Until I uploaded them to my PC when I realized that EVERY SINGLE PHOTOS was all grainy and messed up.  That is when I realized that the camera is totally messed up.

I haven't used it since.... but knowing I have this trip coming, and the lugging of the DSLR and how I don't want to be burdened down by photos but want to enjoy the entire trip, and all the photo taking bliss I can stand!  I want a new camera.

Low and behold they are now making LIFE PROOF cameras.  You can get waterproof/drop proof/ freeze proof/dust proof cameras.  Unfortunately Nikon hasn't made one of these cameras yet.  I have researched them for hours to finally have made the purchase. Yep I bought one.  Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2, yep my new baby!  I am expecting in about 4-5 days... Can't wait for the arrival! :)

I picked this camera for its durability and photo quality.  I do feel that the LIFE PROOF cameras may like some of the photo qualities of other point and shoot cameras but as much as we are on the go and doing activities that I MUST SHOOT... I felt the need for this type of camera.  The color? Yep I got it in ORANGE.  Its the color of my kayak and my favorite other than green... it wasn't available in green... but I think I will love this fun color.

Now while my DSLR is safely stored in its case while in the airport/ on the plan/ and probably getting settled to the room... I won't be lacking in photo taking ability because this baby will be around my neck and ready to snap at anytime.    Then I will break out the "big boy" my ever most love for photo shooting for most of the week... but all the while Thomas or I won will be wearing the new baby too. :) OH the possibilities are endless and a trip like this doesn't happen often enough and I want as much as I can have to last a lifetime. :)

I also purchased two extra ion batteries and a car charger for those, as well as a float strap for the camera should I drop in the water/ocean I wouldn't risk losing it forever.

Total for camera, extra batteries and strap and some shipping was $312.00.  Be sure to shop around.  They have this camera listed for 275-300 on many sites and at many stores.  I got it for 249.00 on Amazon. While doing my research and comparison the same thing was happening for most all other cameras.  I got free shipping for the actual camera and small shipping charges on the accessories.  I didn't have to pay the taxes that would be applicable at a local store also.  :) Shopping online rules, but you have to wait for the delivery... patience is virtue.  

Totally excited!!!!!!!

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