Saturday, October 16, 2010

New look

I change my blog about as often as I change my hair lol speaking up I just bought a box of hair coloring from Target today as it is in need of a change (like our healthcare). 

I wanted to change it up some as I am bored with my blog.  I know very limited people stop by it, but it is mine and I don't want to be bored with it so... it is within my power to change it! For some reason the tune of Wilma Flinestone and Betty Rubble saying "CHARGE IT" went through my crazy brain when I said thought those words.

Anyway.  Life has been crazy hectic lately.  The laundry status is about 5 loads needs to be done. The fridge is in desperate need of a scrubbing. The dog could use a bath, my bedroom has a pile of dirty laundry in it, a pile of clean laundry, and a bed that needs new linen on it.  I need to buy groceries for this next week and I need to actually accomplish something but instead I will sit here in my chair, type on my blog, and play with photos today because well.... I simply need a down day.

After going to see BAMA play (I slack no pics up yet) and after going to KY (again I slack no photos up yet)  I have been needing to do nothing but sit.  Tomorrow.... Yes Tomorrow that shit that needs to get done will get done tomorrow!

I go to see my bestie in only 50 days.  I am so excited but yet so not ready.  I had hoped to lose some of my
fuff between the time I started planning this trip and actually going to it which was close to 150 days or so and now with 100 days down I am sitting here thinking how I have not lost one single pound of this fluff.  I look at myself in photos and cringe, LITERALLY.  I gross myself out.  I can definitely lose 15-20 lbs in 50 days though right? lol I have 50 lbs that I NEED to lose but I will be happy with 20 before my trip.  I might have to watch carbs and exercise like hell but I can do this.  I don't need anyone telling me how unhealthy that is, it is healthier than eating like a pig and smiling while doing it knowing that I just added another pound to this ass of mine.  I love to eat.  It makes me happy. I love bread, french fries, chips, crackers anything that is remotely carb related... LOVE IT!  I need to punish myself by saying you can only have a limited amount in a week of those things that you LOVE... and I will probably see a difference. The ankle is better now (those who might not know I tore a ligament in Oct last year, it has been a year) as in I can stand to walk/ maybe even jog, but it does still ache and swell up if I over do it. That said I am tired of using it as a crutch... I am going to start getting out there and pushing myself.  (I have said this numerous times over the last 6+ years but THIS time is the charm!). 

My plans for this evening. Loading up some tunes on my new mp3 player, maybe even loading up the couch25k podcast because I think I might try that, I don't have 9 weeks before my trip... but it can't hurt to be working toward a goal of some sort.  I mean I read of other bloggers running 5k's all the time and I can only barely pull myself out of my chair so its time I stop letting them show me up right? I have in my life time rode 32 miles on a bike in one morning well it might have taken a bit longer than it should have but I can do things when I put my mind to them.  

Tomorrow? CLEAN THIS FILTHY HOUSE!  Go buy groceries for a sensible low fat dinner every night of the week, and go for a nice walk/jog and make use of my new mp3 player :)

I have bought new books, but have to finish the one I am currently reading first.... soooo that will be a later post.  One thing at a time!  On another note about books. I have an audible account where I purchased some audio files on Security + for my certification that I am hopeful to sometime find time to study for... anyway, was thinking a good book on audio might be a reason to go for a walk/ and maybe even walk longer to listen to the story... I heard someone say that worked for them, maybe its worth a shot... again one thing at a time. My mind is the kind that is always thinking of what I might do, what I want to do, what I need to do and with all the thinking I can't do shit!

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