Saturday, October 30, 2010

My baby Boy

All I can say is he is growing and too fast!

I bought school clothes in August, he has outgrown already. He has went from 5'1-2" all the way to 5'4-5"  in just that short of time.

Had to go buy all new clothes for him.... next time he hits a growth like this we are going to thrift stores lol I told him he said "ok as long as the clothes haven't been worn" lol... which tickled my funny bone when he said it.  I love that little "turd head" and love that he is growing because it means he is healthy and such, but he is my baby and I think all moms have a hard time when they see their baby as tall if not taller than themselves. 

Now if he will learn to act as big as he looks.... we will be doing ok. :)

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