Saturday, October 23, 2010

My babies

I had such a marvelous day with my babies today. 

Destiny had spent the night with a friend in Courtland.  I drove about 25 miles to pick her up and 25 miles back to Decatur.  Then we headed toward Meridianville to Tate's Farm for some Cotton pickin' at the pumpkin patch.

The kiddos didn't think they would have fun as they are so much older now than when they went in like 1st grade with school.  They were wrong!  They enjoyed the atmosphere of the day even if they were big for everything, and I enjoyed watching them smile and have fun.

We headed to Bridgestreet from there and walked around, enjoyed some yogurt and watched a 10 year old girl make some pretty cool balloons. She says she taught her self how to do it and that she averages about 70-80 dollars a day up there making balloons for tips, very interesting.

From there we went to a store called Dirt Cheap... it only carries junk really but Destiny found her a t-shirt for $2, a sweatshirt for $7 dollars, a purse for $2 dollars . and she got a zebra print pillow case to use the fabric for making something with the cotton she picked at the farm today.  Desmond found him an xbox controller (new unopened) for $19.95 (which we checked at walmart, that same controller was 39.95, so it was a deal).

We headed to Walmart from there, needed some paper/ a lighter / and hemp for a project Desmond is making for school.  Destiny and I have also debated all day about her hair and we had to pick her up some hair coloring.... I will explain this a little. She came home from her friends dead set on having blue hair.  "Mom please, its a way to express my style and you can't give me a good reason not to".. "mom? you die your hair"... "Mom Please!!!".  I through out all the reasons not to and  I simply said NO to blue hair because I don't want my 15 year old walking around with blue friggin hair. We talked about it and compromised.  I told her I would let her pick out a temporary color to put on her hair, she chose black of all colors lol I should have saw that coming. So yeah we compromised and she is officially happy with the choices we made through our compromise.  Now on to what all else we got at Walmart, we got needle and thread to sew a few items we needed to at home.  Then decided to get some beads to go with the hemp to make some jewelry.

After walmart we decide to eat dinner, so we went for Chinese.  Then made it back home safely thankfully.

I finally did my hair after buying the coloring kit probably 2 weeks ago.  I also did Destiny's hair and it doesn't look bad at all really. I am glad it is only temporary though, she is already wanting it permanent because she LOVES it. lol So we will see.

My babies rock SO HARD! :)


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