Sunday, October 17, 2010

The boyfriend, food, Halloween and stuff

Yeah so my daughter's boyfriend came home over today... seems like a  nice enough kid... hard to believe she is old enough to have a boyfriend... blah

I managed to go on a walk today.  I am loving my audible book I bought last night.  It totally rocks listening to a book while doing something constructive.

I cleaned up some of the house today but still have lots more to clean... I have decided to pace myself with all that work.

I went to the grocery store and bought groceries. I am thoroughly enjoying the e-mealz that I signed up for. I had heard someone say that they suck because all of there stuff was out of a box or something but so far every meal I have bought has been pretty much made from scratch.  I did sign up for the low fat menu though so that may make a difference, one thing good about them is there are several different types of menus to sign up for, so don't knock it until you try it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is time for Halloween, Thomas has worked hard on the grave yard but decided not to do the haunted carport that we usually do.  I will miss that, but then again we may have fun doing something else for Halloween this year.  This will be a lot less work, and since there is so much to do, I am glad he isn't trying to throw it all together for only one night of enjoyment.

I have to finish the mockingjay book the last in the series, I haven't even opened it yet.... and I was looking forward to it, just not much time for reading lately.  I hope to get the house work done in spirts over this week so I can spend an hour or so a day reading... I have sooo many books I want to read.

Ok... time to cook dinner, and wash more laundry. 

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