Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a week

I feel so overwelmed with stuff to do, mainly at work..... that I am to that point where I am unproductive because I panic.  I am that person that works so fast and steady and can get more accomplished than my average co-worker, that is until you bombared me with way more than my average co-worker. It happens to people who work the way I work all the time. You do a GREAT job and so you get MORE work.... eventually the load is unbelievable, and as soon as I reach that mark... poof.  I can't get anything done.  My organization skills start to suffer and my ability to think clearly and even logically starts fading.  I have managed tow ork through this week.... but it has taken its toll on me and my family.  I haven't wanted to do anything when I get home, I go to bed before everyone in the house because I am physically but more so mentally exhausted.  My daughter wanted to go shopping last night, and it took every bit of love I have for her to pull myself out of the house to go because I DIDN'T WANT TO... for no other reason than because I want to be lazy and sit on my ass!
I have TONS (did I mention TONS!!!) of laundry to do... the floor in my house needs swept and mopped so bad its to the ridiculous point... and its the farthest thing from my to do list because that list is so overwelmed with other stupid shit. 
I want to study for this Security + test and I have all the information ready to study and can't seem to find the time. 
Hell, I have had 2 chapters to finish of a book that I am thoroughly enjoying but can't find the time to read just those two chapters.  There is something seriously wrong somewhere! 
I did however this week spend about 30 minutes on the computer researching and purchasing a new dinner plan thingie ma bob from e-mealz and for 1.25 per week they will send me a menu for the week with grocery list included..... so maybe that will save my pocket book and me some time over the long haul.  I don't cook though... lol so not sure about it actually saving time... Thomas cooks (have I mentioned how thankful I am for him and how much I love him?) the majority of the time. 
I think I spend to much time relaxing, but after a stressful day at work you almost NEED that relaxation to recoop and be ready to face it again the next day. blah
I do like my job, we have just been short handed and the work is piling up on me... luckily the help that was hired and starts soon will work wonders for my stress level.
I wanted to go camping this weekend but decided against that now as my plate feels so full.
Looks like grocery shopping tonight, relaxing tomorrow night, house cleaning and BAMA football on Saturday and hiking on Sunday for the weekend. (Maybe I will finish that book, and get some studying done along with everything else this weekend).
Next weekend???? Still up in the air, we have tickets to see the Braves play next Sunday and the kiddos are at their dads so not sure what Thomas and I will get in to.  He does have a birthday on Monday! 
Then the next weekend??? OMG I have planned on going to KY to visit my brother and his family.
Anyway... I will get through it... but its just been one helluva week!

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