Monday, September 27, 2010

What a morning!!!

Well I dreaded this Monday morning clinic all weekend.  I had to cover for a co-worker and work in Huntsville Clinic this morning... which is way out of my comfort zone being that I have never done it.
I started out with possibility of 6 setups, but ended up only having 3 thankfully.
I woke up and got ready as usual, and because of going to HSV I was ready to go out the door 10 minutes earlier than normal at 4:20 am.
I walk to the car and click my unlock button on my key thingie... and my lights didn't come on and off as they usually do.  I thought instantly.... oh no!  I went to the door... and had to actually take a second to think of how I will actually get into my car since the key thingie isn't working, then it hits me... use the actual key. lol What it is early? geesh. I went ahead and tried to crank the car, knowing it wasn't going to work, but if I was lucky enough for it to work, then I wouldn't have to get Thomas up..... no such luck.
I go and get Thomas up, and he jumps up to help me because he knows I gotta get to work. He works his butt off this morning after running into a few issues like finding the jumper cables and finding the right tools to take some covers loose on his jeep so he can get the cables to fit....but he gets my car running.  THANKFULLY!
I head to work, worried and paranoid all the way there if I turn the car off is it going to leave me stranded?  Thomas told me to keep it running while at the office without the lights on for a few minutes and all should be fine.  So I did just that.
I made it to the HSV store at 5:20 am. Damn good time considering the hold up this morning.  I have never opened that store before. I was just brought a key out to my Madison store and given an alarm code and expected to come in Monday early morning and know what to do. lol   Well, it takes me 5 freakin' minutes to unlock the door.  You know its one of those doors that if you messed with it every day it would be simple, but since i didn't know how to push, then turn, then pull, then turn some more I wouldn't have been able to do it in less than 5 minutes.  I was about cussing/crying mad by this time, because I am pushing it. I have to be at the Hospital by 5:45 to start setting people up, and its always nice to get there 5 minutes earlier so you can at least sit your shit down before folks start coming in the room for setups...anyway. 
I finally get in the store, turn the alarm off.  Use my light on my droid to find my way through the store (since I am totally unfamiliar with this store and where the light switches are and such because every time I have been there as been during business hours).... I finally find the light to Netra's office.  I look for my machines. No freaking BIPAP's in site. I find regular PAPs, Auto's but no BIPAPs and of course I need one. I find my way to the warehouse, find a light switch and locate a BIPAP.  I sit down at the desk and look at the time... do I have time to get this paperwork together and everything like I usually do before going to my Madison Clinic? Uhh that would be a NO!  It is 5:40 am.  I am fixing to leave when I see a big note that says TONYA!  and I remember. I am suppose to fill out for direct deposit and leave a canceled check for the general manager while I am there. UGH right! So I bust ass, and get that done.  Then hit the car and drive like a bat out of hell to get to the sleep center.  
I have been to this facility only once 8 months ago.  I park where I remembered we park, I walked toward the back entrance where I remembered we go.... and the damn door is locked! WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
I am standing in the alley of the hospital trying to think of what the hell I need to do, holding  2 CPAPs, a BIPAP, a bag full of masks, a clipboard with papers, my keys, pens, and a cell phone and it fucking starts RAINING!
I call the sleep lab and say ok, the doors are locked, where do I need to go.  They come open the doors for me.. Apparently Netra uses a special badge which I don't have to get in that door, but that is the door I was told to use. UGH!  I walk back to the room where we set patients up and there sits all my patients waiting on me. I still have set their units up to the pressure they need, complete all their paperwork but I manage to get them all setup and back to Madison store by 7:30 am.
Now... I get to face Monday at the Madison store, PLEASE LET IT BE BETTER THAN THIS MORNING HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!

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