Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the move

Yes.... Thomas bought me the playstation MOVE today.  I am watching him set it all up for me (after the BAMA vs DUKE game and then the AUBURN vs CLEMSON game, lol).  We are going to try to play it in a few minutes.
This house is game system rich......I have a wii stystem with 4 controllers and 4 nunchunks and a wii board.  I have a PS3 with guitar hero, guitar hero world tour, sing it, two controllers, drums, two guitars, 3 microphones and now have two move controllers, and two motion controllers and 1 camera.  Desmond has an Xbox system, he has a PSP and Destiny has a nintendo ds... lol we are a blessed family.
Ok he is ready to play... going to get my game face on! :)

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