Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh no not "that mom"

I don't want to be THAT MOM... you know the one that always says no and never lets her children be children and have friends and have fun.
I have been that mom and looks like with my kids will continue to be that mom.  Even though its not who I want to be, they leave me no choice.
I have been after my child to clean her room... to make sure she keeps it clean or she can't go anywhere. She always opts to not keep it cleaned and wait til the day of and try to get to go somewhere or rush to get it half way  cleaned up to go somewhere.
Well low and behold she wants to go to her friends "SURPRISE 16th Birthday party tonight and go to the fair".... I know how much fun she will have and I HATE to say no... so I gave in.
As usual I always seem to give in.  Mind you she didn't get it scott free she will be cleaning and doing laundry the whole weekend to make up for my saying yes... and hopefully she heard me when I said that I wont feel bad about saying no next time.
I hate the feeling of knowing I let Thomas down because he supports me and loves me and when the kids are not doing right by me he stands up for me and I love him for all he is to me.  I hate knowing he will disagree with me, but know in my heart I wouldn't be able to bear telling her no to this. Blah Parenting sucks.  I mean sucks bad!
Poor Destiny will learn one day.... and I will get a nice clean house out of it this weekend so I guess she is willing to do the work to get to go, its just the matter of waiting until the last minute to do it, or making it a big deal. I mean I told her I wouldn't have a bit of problem saying YES right away had she been helping me around the house, and cleaning her bedroom.  blah
Anyway its time to go home!  I am outta here!

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