Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date night!

I love how my man is, no matter the fact that he has seen me in the early morning or late night hours for almost 8 years now, he still loves me.  He loves me enough to strive for a date night weekly, and sometimes I get two in a week or even more.  I remember back when I was married I never had a date night, don't recall many date nights before we even got married.  Sad but true.  Thomas definitely sets himself apart from many guys in that aspect.  He takes good care of me.  He tries his damnedest (is that a word lol) to make me happy, keep the fire alive between us and make me feel special. I ♥ him. 
Last night we went to eat Wings at a fairly new place we have been frequenting lately 'Mooresville Bar and Grill'.... they have a laid back atmosphere, some pretty good wings and its a nice place not too far from home to enjoy a meal and a few drinks.  After dinner we headed to see the movie 'The Town' this movie ROCKS SO HARD!  I highly recommend if you want a sort of dramatic action movie.  It has to be one of Ben Affleck's (sp?) best films and he shows his talent here in many areas.  I will (if the Gods will give me time I will) try to post a full review on this movie on my review site (which I will also link back here to this post if I ever get it done.... this reminds me how I am so unlike many bloggers out there in that I just throw this shit out there and hit save.  This maybe why I have horrible grammar and spelling, when in reality I know how to correct myself, but I damn sure don't talk with perfect grammar and I am not about to take the time for correcting myself here.  "The others" seem to have such wonderful links to the topics for which they are discussing and photos and quick witted humor (that probably took them several retypes to get right, which then makes it not so quick..... Do I envy some of the "perfect" bloggers? kinda sorta maybe sometimes.... lol but who has that sort of time?  I don't get paid for my blog.  Anywho... where was I?).
I lost my train of thought.  Its 6:40 am on Tuesday morning and I have been up since 4 am to drive all the way to Madison for 1 patient.  At least I get paid from 5-8:30 even though I only saw the one patient, but curses to the whole situation that made me get out of my warm cozy bed this morning and face the darkness of this day (literally the sun has just now came up).  So forgive me if I make no sense in this post, I have an excuse and if you give me time I will come up with one for every other off the wall, messed up post.
Now... time to get to work again. Geesh!  Enjoy your Tuesday.  I look forward to going home already, to bad I have to wait until 4:30 pm to leave this joint.  ON the Agenda tonight? Not sure... will leave it up to the man and my ability to stay awake. :)

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