Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bama Bound.... Again

It has been two years since I got to see BAMA and I am totally excited to be going this Saturday to see Bama vs Florida... what a big game its going to be.
Poor Thomas gets to share his birthday present with me as I may be as excited if not more excited as he is, and this is what my gift to him is.  We had tickets to see Braves vs Phillies this Sunday at 1:30 in Atlanta, but we did just go see them a few weeks ago, and honestly they are loosing and the drive there is rough and back in one day and excuses...excuses. We really just rather see Bama play!
I searched for tickets to BAMA last night online.... found a pair in the nose bleed section... seriously we are wayyyyyyyyyy the F up there, but at the 50 yard line so we should have a wonderful view of the entire field.  The tickets were $195 each.  Which at the rate the tickets are selling that isn't bad.  I went ahead and purchased them and then tried to sell the Braves tickets.  I posted them on Craigslist and within 2 hours had the sold.  Soooo it was destined for us to go see the Tide Roll!
I am totally excited.  I still have to come up with the money for the rental car and food and entertainment for our trip in December, so I may be broke as hell from now until after Christmas but it was worth the shot to get to go see Bama... and I am hopefully all things will just work out financially. :)

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