Friday, September 10, 2010

86 days

That is how many days left until my feet will be walking in Ft Lauderdale, my arms will be hugging a long time friend that I have only had the pleasure of seeing one time ever.  There will be a nice breeze flowing from the ocean and I will be sipping on margaritas and enjoying a relaxing week with my man.
I am soooooooo ready besides the 50 lbs I wanted to lose lol that hasn't budged a bit.....Plane tickets have been bought though WOOT! :)
Now I have to get with Heather about the Rental car and figure out the plan of attack, do we get two vehicles so we can do our own thing some or do we lavish the entire weekend with friendship and laughter... I vote for the later of the two options. 
We have the expense of having to pay for the luggage to and from which shouldn't be too terribly expensive as I plan on packing as light as possible.  Then we have food and entertainment, and of course the rental car but that is all... feels like we are getting off cheap thanks to Heather's invite and them letting us stay with them in her mom's time share. Fun Fun fun!
That is 86 days to lose 50 lbs lol is that doable? prolly (yes, smell check I spelled it the way that I WANTED TO SPELL IT, but thanks for asking) with a fad diet I don't really care to gain it all back if I ever get the mess off of me, so I don't want a fad diet.  My ass needs to get up and moving.... I have done got so heavy that it is harder to exercise, my knees/ankles hurt even lol ughhh fat ass! Making excuses doesn't make it go away, I want to lose weight as I pulled into McDonald's this morning and got a large sweet tea and breakfast burrito with hot sauce.  lol I obviously don't want it bad enough with that behavior.
But no worries I wont let my failure and issues stand in the way of my ability to be totally and uberly excited about this trip!!!!! :)

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