Thursday, September 9, 2010

12 years of Desmond

Today is my baby's birthday.  No I am serious the baby of the family my last born child, yeah that baby.   So what if he is 5'4" tall and 128 lbs, he is MY BABY!  and he is 12.  12 ok you get the point.  Geesh, it seems absolutely unreal that 12 years have gone by.  Oh he is definitely still the baby, as he is spoiled and  has mucho maturing to do, but I am really ok with him taking his time on it..... because with maturity comes more attitude and eventually leads to him being a real sure enough man!  My baby a Man? no can't handle that right now <<<<<< rewind<<<<.  Ok well 12 is better than being a man.  I love my baby boy for his corkiness as he is alot like me in that weird odd ball sort of way.  He has way too many insecurities about some things because he is an extremely handsome boy... I mean down right handsome. 

He has brought so many wonderful memories to my life and he always knows how to make me feel good when I feel bad.  I do know that God himself hand picked him for me because to me he is absolutely perfect!  He may make bad grades from time to time and he may be lazy when he really needs to show initiative he may talk back and dry me crazy, and he may never do his chores just like I want him to, but he is my baby and I love every little inch of him! :)

Happy Birthday DEZ-O-MAN!   You totally ROCK!


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