Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bama Bound.... Again

It has been two years since I got to see BAMA and I am totally excited to be going this Saturday to see Bama vs Florida... what a big game its going to be.
Poor Thomas gets to share his birthday present with me as I may be as excited if not more excited as he is, and this is what my gift to him is.  We had tickets to see Braves vs Phillies this Sunday at 1:30 in Atlanta, but we did just go see them a few weeks ago, and honestly they are loosing and the drive there is rough and back in one day and excuses...excuses. We really just rather see Bama play!
I searched for tickets to BAMA last night online.... found a pair in the nose bleed section... seriously we are wayyyyyyyyyy the F up there, but at the 50 yard line so we should have a wonderful view of the entire field.  The tickets were $195 each.  Which at the rate the tickets are selling that isn't bad.  I went ahead and purchased them and then tried to sell the Braves tickets.  I posted them on Craigslist and within 2 hours had the sold.  Soooo it was destined for us to go see the Tide Roll!
I am totally excited.  I still have to come up with the money for the rental car and food and entertainment for our trip in December, so I may be broke as hell from now until after Christmas but it was worth the shot to get to go see Bama... and I am hopefully all things will just work out financially. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a morning!!!

Well I dreaded this Monday morning clinic all weekend.  I had to cover for a co-worker and work in Huntsville Clinic this morning... which is way out of my comfort zone being that I have never done it.
I started out with possibility of 6 setups, but ended up only having 3 thankfully.
I woke up and got ready as usual, and because of going to HSV I was ready to go out the door 10 minutes earlier than normal at 4:20 am.
I walk to the car and click my unlock button on my key thingie... and my lights didn't come on and off as they usually do.  I thought instantly.... oh no!  I went to the door... and had to actually take a second to think of how I will actually get into my car since the key thingie isn't working, then it hits me... use the actual key. lol What it is early? geesh. I went ahead and tried to crank the car, knowing it wasn't going to work, but if I was lucky enough for it to work, then I wouldn't have to get Thomas up..... no such luck.
I go and get Thomas up, and he jumps up to help me because he knows I gotta get to work. He works his butt off this morning after running into a few issues like finding the jumper cables and finding the right tools to take some covers loose on his jeep so he can get the cables to fit....but he gets my car running.  THANKFULLY!
I head to work, worried and paranoid all the way there if I turn the car off is it going to leave me stranded?  Thomas told me to keep it running while at the office without the lights on for a few minutes and all should be fine.  So I did just that.
I made it to the HSV store at 5:20 am. Damn good time considering the hold up this morning.  I have never opened that store before. I was just brought a key out to my Madison store and given an alarm code and expected to come in Monday early morning and know what to do. lol   Well, it takes me 5 freakin' minutes to unlock the door.  You know its one of those doors that if you messed with it every day it would be simple, but since i didn't know how to push, then turn, then pull, then turn some more I wouldn't have been able to do it in less than 5 minutes.  I was about cussing/crying mad by this time, because I am pushing it. I have to be at the Hospital by 5:45 to start setting people up, and its always nice to get there 5 minutes earlier so you can at least sit your shit down before folks start coming in the room for setups...anyway. 
I finally get in the store, turn the alarm off.  Use my light on my droid to find my way through the store (since I am totally unfamiliar with this store and where the light switches are and such because every time I have been there as been during business hours).... I finally find the light to Netra's office.  I look for my machines. No freaking BIPAP's in site. I find regular PAPs, Auto's but no BIPAPs and of course I need one. I find my way to the warehouse, find a light switch and locate a BIPAP.  I sit down at the desk and look at the time... do I have time to get this paperwork together and everything like I usually do before going to my Madison Clinic? Uhh that would be a NO!  It is 5:40 am.  I am fixing to leave when I see a big note that says TONYA!  and I remember. I am suppose to fill out for direct deposit and leave a canceled check for the general manager while I am there. UGH right! So I bust ass, and get that done.  Then hit the car and drive like a bat out of hell to get to the sleep center.  
I have been to this facility only once 8 months ago.  I park where I remembered we park, I walked toward the back entrance where I remembered we go.... and the damn door is locked! WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
I am standing in the alley of the hospital trying to think of what the hell I need to do, holding  2 CPAPs, a BIPAP, a bag full of masks, a clipboard with papers, my keys, pens, and a cell phone and it fucking starts RAINING!
I call the sleep lab and say ok, the doors are locked, where do I need to go.  They come open the doors for me.. Apparently Netra uses a special badge which I don't have to get in that door, but that is the door I was told to use. UGH!  I walk back to the room where we set patients up and there sits all my patients waiting on me. I still have set their units up to the pressure they need, complete all their paperwork but I manage to get them all setup and back to Madison store by 7:30 am.
Now... I get to face Monday at the Madison store, PLEASE LET IT BE BETTER THAN THIS MORNING HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two headed dog

I was playing with my phone and my dog was playing with his toy.  Sent from phone

Oh no not "that mom"

I don't want to be THAT MOM... you know the one that always says no and never lets her children be children and have friends and have fun.
I have been that mom and looks like with my kids will continue to be that mom.  Even though its not who I want to be, they leave me no choice.
I have been after my child to clean her room... to make sure she keeps it clean or she can't go anywhere. She always opts to not keep it cleaned and wait til the day of and try to get to go somewhere or rush to get it half way  cleaned up to go somewhere.
Well low and behold she wants to go to her friends "SURPRISE 16th Birthday party tonight and go to the fair".... I know how much fun she will have and I HATE to say no... so I gave in.
As usual I always seem to give in.  Mind you she didn't get it scott free she will be cleaning and doing laundry the whole weekend to make up for my saying yes... and hopefully she heard me when I said that I wont feel bad about saying no next time.
I hate the feeling of knowing I let Thomas down because he supports me and loves me and when the kids are not doing right by me he stands up for me and I love him for all he is to me.  I hate knowing he will disagree with me, but know in my heart I wouldn't be able to bear telling her no to this. Blah Parenting sucks.  I mean sucks bad!
Poor Destiny will learn one day.... and I will get a nice clean house out of it this weekend so I guess she is willing to do the work to get to go, its just the matter of waiting until the last minute to do it, or making it a big deal. I mean I told her I wouldn't have a bit of problem saying YES right away had she been helping me around the house, and cleaning her bedroom.  blah
Anyway its time to go home!  I am outta here!

What a week

I feel so overwelmed with stuff to do, mainly at work..... that I am to that point where I am unproductive because I panic.  I am that person that works so fast and steady and can get more accomplished than my average co-worker, that is until you bombared me with way more than my average co-worker. It happens to people who work the way I work all the time. You do a GREAT job and so you get MORE work.... eventually the load is unbelievable, and as soon as I reach that mark... poof.  I can't get anything done.  My organization skills start to suffer and my ability to think clearly and even logically starts fading.  I have managed tow ork through this week.... but it has taken its toll on me and my family.  I haven't wanted to do anything when I get home, I go to bed before everyone in the house because I am physically but more so mentally exhausted.  My daughter wanted to go shopping last night, and it took every bit of love I have for her to pull myself out of the house to go because I DIDN'T WANT TO... for no other reason than because I want to be lazy and sit on my ass!
I have TONS (did I mention TONS!!!) of laundry to do... the floor in my house needs swept and mopped so bad its to the ridiculous point... and its the farthest thing from my to do list because that list is so overwelmed with other stupid shit. 
I want to study for this Security + test and I have all the information ready to study and can't seem to find the time. 
Hell, I have had 2 chapters to finish of a book that I am thoroughly enjoying but can't find the time to read just those two chapters.  There is something seriously wrong somewhere! 
I did however this week spend about 30 minutes on the computer researching and purchasing a new dinner plan thingie ma bob from e-mealz and for 1.25 per week they will send me a menu for the week with grocery list included..... so maybe that will save my pocket book and me some time over the long haul.  I don't cook though... lol so not sure about it actually saving time... Thomas cooks (have I mentioned how thankful I am for him and how much I love him?) the majority of the time. 
I think I spend to much time relaxing, but after a stressful day at work you almost NEED that relaxation to recoop and be ready to face it again the next day. blah
I do like my job, we have just been short handed and the work is piling up on me... luckily the help that was hired and starts soon will work wonders for my stress level.
I wanted to go camping this weekend but decided against that now as my plate feels so full.
Looks like grocery shopping tonight, relaxing tomorrow night, house cleaning and BAMA football on Saturday and hiking on Sunday for the weekend. (Maybe I will finish that book, and get some studying done along with everything else this weekend).
Next weekend???? Still up in the air, we have tickets to see the Braves play next Sunday and the kiddos are at their dads so not sure what Thomas and I will get in to.  He does have a birthday on Monday! 
Then the next weekend??? OMG I have planned on going to KY to visit my brother and his family.
Anyway... I will get through it... but its just been one helluva week!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date night!

I love how my man is, no matter the fact that he has seen me in the early morning or late night hours for almost 8 years now, he still loves me.  He loves me enough to strive for a date night weekly, and sometimes I get two in a week or even more.  I remember back when I was married I never had a date night, don't recall many date nights before we even got married.  Sad but true.  Thomas definitely sets himself apart from many guys in that aspect.  He takes good care of me.  He tries his damnedest (is that a word lol) to make me happy, keep the fire alive between us and make me feel special. I ♥ him. 
Last night we went to eat Wings at a fairly new place we have been frequenting lately 'Mooresville Bar and Grill'.... they have a laid back atmosphere, some pretty good wings and its a nice place not too far from home to enjoy a meal and a few drinks.  After dinner we headed to see the movie 'The Town' this movie ROCKS SO HARD!  I highly recommend if you want a sort of dramatic action movie.  It has to be one of Ben Affleck's (sp?) best films and he shows his talent here in many areas.  I will (if the Gods will give me time I will) try to post a full review on this movie on my review site (which I will also link back here to this post if I ever get it done.... this reminds me how I am so unlike many bloggers out there in that I just throw this shit out there and hit save.  This maybe why I have horrible grammar and spelling, when in reality I know how to correct myself, but I damn sure don't talk with perfect grammar and I am not about to take the time for correcting myself here.  "The others" seem to have such wonderful links to the topics for which they are discussing and photos and quick witted humor (that probably took them several retypes to get right, which then makes it not so quick..... Do I envy some of the "perfect" bloggers? kinda sorta maybe sometimes.... lol but who has that sort of time?  I don't get paid for my blog.  Anywho... where was I?).
I lost my train of thought.  Its 6:40 am on Tuesday morning and I have been up since 4 am to drive all the way to Madison for 1 patient.  At least I get paid from 5-8:30 even though I only saw the one patient, but curses to the whole situation that made me get out of my warm cozy bed this morning and face the darkness of this day (literally the sun has just now came up).  So forgive me if I make no sense in this post, I have an excuse and if you give me time I will come up with one for every other off the wall, messed up post.
Now... time to get to work again. Geesh!  Enjoy your Tuesday.  I look forward to going home already, to bad I have to wait until 4:30 pm to leave this joint.  ON the Agenda tonight? Not sure... will leave it up to the man and my ability to stay awake. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the move

Yes.... Thomas bought me the playstation MOVE today.  I am watching him set it all up for me (after the BAMA vs DUKE game and then the AUBURN vs CLEMSON game, lol).  We are going to try to play it in a few minutes.
This house is game system rich......I have a wii stystem with 4 controllers and 4 nunchunks and a wii board.  I have a PS3 with guitar hero, guitar hero world tour, sing it, two controllers, drums, two guitars, 3 microphones and now have two move controllers, and two motion controllers and 1 camera.  Desmond has an Xbox system, he has a PSP and Destiny has a nintendo ds... lol we are a blessed family.
Ok he is ready to play... going to get my game face on! :)


Yep my Rueben had the dreaded surgery. I feared for him to go through it because of how different my Trixie has been since her surgery and his little personality has been so awesome I didn't want anything to happen to him.  I am very proud to say that he is doing well, he is the same loving dog an his incision is healing nicely.  I love my dog!!!!! 

Atlanta Sept 2010

Well I got tickets to go to see the Atlanta Braves for the first time.  It was quiet the deal on the tickets only 10 dollars a piece.  I got 8 tickets that I could pick and choose when to use.  We chose 9/12/10 as it was close to Desmond's birthday and the next game is scheduled for 10/3/10 which is the day before Thomas' birthday. 
When the tickets arrived for 9/12 game against the Cardinals there was a significant change in the time.  We had ordered the tickets for a game that was suppose to be at 1:30 pm but the time was changed to 8 pm which meant for a very long Sunday night drive back home.
Saturday night I was trying to figure out when we would leave on Sunday and what we would do since the game didn't start until so late.  I decided to get tickets to Stone Mountain Park so we got up at 4:15 am and headed to Atlanta. 
We had a marvelous time at Stone Mountain Park, and made our way to Turner Field... Desmond got his face painted and our seats were awesome.  Although the Braves lost we did at least get to see Albert Pujols hit two homeruns.  All together it was an awesome trip with the family.
Next up?  Camping trip soon (I hope), Trip to KY, Second Braves game, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Maybe another camping trip in the middle? and then.... yes you know it.... Ft. Lauderdale.  It makes me tired thinking about it... but it is nice to have something to look forward to.

Friday, September 10, 2010

86 days

That is how many days left until my feet will be walking in Ft Lauderdale, my arms will be hugging a long time friend that I have only had the pleasure of seeing one time ever.  There will be a nice breeze flowing from the ocean and I will be sipping on margaritas and enjoying a relaxing week with my man.
I am soooooooo ready besides the 50 lbs I wanted to lose lol that hasn't budged a bit.....Plane tickets have been bought though WOOT! :)
Now I have to get with Heather about the Rental car and figure out the plan of attack, do we get two vehicles so we can do our own thing some or do we lavish the entire weekend with friendship and laughter... I vote for the later of the two options. 
We have the expense of having to pay for the luggage to and from which shouldn't be too terribly expensive as I plan on packing as light as possible.  Then we have food and entertainment, and of course the rental car but that is all... feels like we are getting off cheap thanks to Heather's invite and them letting us stay with them in her mom's time share. Fun Fun fun!
That is 86 days to lose 50 lbs lol is that doable? prolly (yes, smell check I spelled it the way that I WANTED TO SPELL IT, but thanks for asking) with a fad diet I don't really care to gain it all back if I ever get the mess off of me, so I don't want a fad diet.  My ass needs to get up and moving.... I have done got so heavy that it is harder to exercise, my knees/ankles hurt even lol ughhh fat ass! Making excuses doesn't make it go away, I want to lose weight as I pulled into McDonald's this morning and got a large sweet tea and breakfast burrito with hot sauce.  lol I obviously don't want it bad enough with that behavior.
But no worries I wont let my failure and issues stand in the way of my ability to be totally and uberly excited about this trip!!!!! :)

Blogging love

oh yeah! I likey the new way of doing things.  Blogger has actually made my life easier but I didn't know it until today! :)
Today is Friday btw and life is absolutely amazing because of what day it is, and my new found love for blogger.
Tomorrow BAMA plays Penn State, should be an unbelievably awesome game, DON'T MISS IT! Roll Tide Roll!

Trying something new

Well since all my attempts at blogging have pretty much been unsuccesful other than telling a very brief story of this thing called life.... I decided to try sending post via email,  because I do email daily, maybe I can email to my blog? It might feel more like I am talking to someone instead of myself even though I will still be the lone reader of my blog lol.

This is my first post via email, and I wanna see what it looks like so I am ending this now, I feel like I have a new toy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

12 years of Desmond

Today is my baby's birthday.  No I am serious the baby of the family my last born child, yeah that baby.   So what if he is 5'4" tall and 128 lbs, he is MY BABY!  and he is 12.  12 ok you get the point.  Geesh, it seems absolutely unreal that 12 years have gone by.  Oh he is definitely still the baby, as he is spoiled and  has mucho maturing to do, but I am really ok with him taking his time on it..... because with maturity comes more attitude and eventually leads to him being a real sure enough man!  My baby a Man? no can't handle that right now <<<<<< rewind<<<<.  Ok well 12 is better than being a man.  I love my baby boy for his corkiness as he is alot like me in that weird odd ball sort of way.  He has way too many insecurities about some things because he is an extremely handsome boy... I mean down right handsome. 

He has brought so many wonderful memories to my life and he always knows how to make me feel good when I feel bad.  I do know that God himself hand picked him for me because to me he is absolutely perfect!  He may make bad grades from time to time and he may be lazy when he really needs to show initiative he may talk back and dry me crazy, and he may never do his chores just like I want him to, but he is my baby and I love every little inch of him! :)

Happy Birthday DEZ-O-MAN!   You totally ROCK!


Sucky blog Yes that was Sucky not Sookie

What a sucky blog I have.  I mean I type on it once in a friggin' blue moon.... I never post about the things that happen of interest and only get on here when I really have nothing to say.  GEESH!

I was reading The Pioneer Woman yesterday and an instant onset of envy filled me.  I love her blog, I love her writting style, but that isn't me.  I need my own style to shine through, but the fact is I just need to committ to my blog and post something daily.  Her blog is awesome if you are new person to the blog world you should definetly check her out.

Now.... what the heck is going on with me? I am stuck in a big ol rut.  I make myself promises like I am going to stick with a diet and lose weight and I order the most fattening things that I can get my hands on whenever and where I am.  I tell myself I am going to be a computer technician and I study sporatically for A+ and jump to Security + and make this plan and that plan for myself but I have lost that will and determination that I use to pride myself on, its just not there.  I am having to pull and push and bribe myself to open the damn book to study!  I tell myself I am going to have a clean, neat and organized home and this bites me in the ass every time I think about it, it instantly gets more cluttered then it was to begin before.  My job is still good but progressing to the same point that most every job I have had does, where I am taken advantage of.  Blah..

All that negativity.  I so want to find my determination and make myself accomplish some goals. 
I quit smoking 5 years ago on 9/12.  I managed to have two little ones and work full time and go to school at a very young age.  I have raised my kids thus far on my own income without any aid from their dads.  I have managed to buy a home of my very own on my very own.  I have ran up credit debt and paid it all off just to run it up again all on my own lol is that something to be proud of?  I am always proud when I pay it off... but I never even considered or thought about bankrupcy... as some folks bite off way more than they can chew.  I have a good head on my shoulders, pay my bills on time and manage the family the best I can (errr maybe not he best I can as I am lazy)... but ultimately I still have pride in myself.

What I am very unhappy about myself is that I can't seem to meet the resent goals I have presented myself.  I try and try and fail and fail again.  I can't even stick to a simple plan of walking my dog and therefor his is having a horrific time potty training but there is no one to blame besides me (well the rest of the family could assist a bit more in it too, it shouldn't be MY responsibility solely to walk the dog, but nevertheless he is my dog and I will take the responsibility).  I don't know where my courage/dedication/determination and even strength came from years ago and I am sure this is something about me that Thomas loved when he first me but that person has been gone for years.  I have talked myself and even him to death (well not literally of course) over what all I want to do and "this time I am really gonna do this" and every time a day or a week later poof it is gone!  Lately it hasn't lasted more than a few hours before I am ready to through my plans out the window.

I make lists of lists and then one more list of the things I am going to do, need to do, want to do, will try to do lol but seems I never get to cross anything off those lists... who is this lazy ass and where is Tonya?

I have to snap out of it.  I went so far to threaten getting rid of my chair so I have no place to sit (besides sharing a seat with Thomas for cuddling times)..... just so I can not have a place to sit and get lazy at... but then I will just be lazy somewhere else and be mad at myself for getting rid of my damn chair.


Anyway on a more up beat positive note.. my life is awesome despite my will power.  My kiddos are amazing.  My man is unbelievable amazing (A note for him, he puts up with all my shit all my laziness, all my neglect, and loves me despite all my failures and for this I am one blessed woman.  I only  hope to regain my confidence in myself and my decisions and reach my goals to make him proud to have me as his woman after all these years!)  My job is paying the bills, my home is a mess but oh so lived in, we have so many fun things we can and do as a family and/or a couple and that makes life absolutely grand despite my bitching lol.

This weekend for example... We have BAMA football on Saturday which we will watch on the TV and ATLANTA BRAVES on Sunday which we will be loading up the family and going to see in person.  Whoohoo.

Next weekend, not real sure what it holds but the kiddos will be at their dad's so Thomas and I will do something together (probably enjoy each other at home with football and Rueben.... that sounds like an awesome time in itself).

The following weekend I plan to try to head to KY to visit with my brother and his family.

Then we go back to Atlanta again for another braves game to celebrate Thomas' bday and have a great weekend.

Then we will have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Thomas and I will go on our trip to Ft. Lauderdale with Heather and Darin which I am soooooo looking forward to. 

See, life is busy and hectic and crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but oh so full of love and fun times and activities to keep from being bored.