Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One more thing

Wow, if one more thing happens this week, ughhhh.

Washer is screwed up... being an out right bitch.  Its a front loading washer and if the door is not locked it will not wash clothes.  The door will be locked and load will start washing and then in the middle of a cycle will say the door is opened even though it is not... and stop.  Which means it will not drain/spin the clothes.  It will if I go in there and tell it to do just that to the load, but who has time to do that every load of laundry? NOT ME! I called the repair man and he is suppose to come look at it on Friday... hopefully he fixes it, not only that but I found something has been recalled on my washer that I have to address next... first things first.

My car has a mysterious puddle in the back seat passenger side floorboard and just under the passenger side front seat, but not in the front floorboard.  (Is floorboard one word or two? lol anybody?)  Anyway, this has me puzzled and concerned.  My man is looking into the problem and I have faith in the fact that he will pull through for me and figure it out, rather he can fix it or he will at least pin point the problem so we can go from there.

That being said Heather got their plane tickets for Pompano Beach Florida, and I plan to get ours this weekend so that is positive, even though my world is being surrounded by negatives.  Things are still looking up.

I love my life.

I shaved my dog, actually I butchered him up pretty bad lol but he had horrible tangles/knots in his hair that I could not get out and out of frustration (same thing I do to my own hair) lol I chopped it all off.  He looks soooooo pittyful, but he seems to like it and he so soft and still so loveable.  His hair will grow back, until then he looks like an abused dog.... I assure you he is loved more than any dog I have ever seen and spoiled rotten... so if you see my dog... don't laugh cause I don't want to give him a complex... its all my fault! :)

Plans for the weekend?......Leah's Baby shower is Saturday, Kids are gone to their dads.... I will have laundry to do (rather its with my bitch of a machine or the laundry mat either way it will have to be done).  Hopefully Thomas and I can find some time for some fun and relaxation.  I need to study too... as I haven't given up hope on my Certificates.... just haven't worked hard on it.

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