Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here I am again

Been super busy lately, the past few months actually.  Baseball came and went (thank goodness) and I have been too busy with life to enjoy my blog.  Although I will be kicking my own booty in a few years when I look back at this blog and realize I am missing so many months of my life. 

I have been loved the hell out of my kayak.  It is a new love in my life.  I have enjoyed all the time I have spent with Thomas out on adventures in the yaks.

I miss my children terribly.  It was nice at first but now it seems never ending.  They are their own people now and I know it gets pretty boring sitting at home all day and having nothing to do other than the list of chores I leave them, so I am glad they are going to visit family and enjoy their summer, school will be back in session before they can even blink too many times.  So, I don't blame them for not wanting to stay at home while I work all day, but they are missing out on alot of fun like camping, kayaking and this weekend we are even going white water rafting. 

I am enjoying the summer tremendously but kinda ready to have the kids back in their routines for school too.

I feel blessed, life is good.  I want to get back into studying for the A+ test because I really feel I can do this.  I have to make time for studying.  I am trying to fit time in for exercise and really need to give the house a good bit of my time as it has really been neglected.  Maybe I will get things caught up and feel as though I can have a clean home, study for a  test, find time for exercise and still have plenty of time for fun... lol wish me luck!

I look forward to white water rafting this weekend (see my new page lol) I just realized blogger made changing your layout and background wayyyyy too easy all the sudden.  I have been using html templates and trying to make one more of my own and then just saw this new button and was all, why do I do this stuff to myself? What the hell is wrong with a quick change, why I don't I use the easy gadgets.  No one really reads the blog other than my most favorite man in the world anyway.... so I figure I can change the blog up from time to time and still keep it all simple. 

I have had review blog.... that I really enjoyed but realize it is too much work too... I will simple post anything about anything all in one blog rather than have pages of other blogs.  I will leave my about me blog as it is easy and lets ya know a little about who is the owner of the very random blog, I will keep my TNT love story blog and hope to write more in it, I will keep writing on my SparkPeople blog about my weight loss... which I plan to link to here in the near future. Other than that....  Everything else about my life will be here on this main blog.

All is well, and I am so looking forward to the three day weekend.  I miss my babies and hope they are having a blast.

Life is good, keep it Simple

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