Friday, July 30, 2010


I am so totally excited about my upcoming trip.  I am going to Pompano Beach Florida (near Fort Lauderdale) and spending a week (Dec. 5-11), not only am I going there, but I am going with one of my favorite people. 

Heather is someone whom I met 9 years ago, I can not believe it has been that long.  But it was.  I went on a trip to Maryland and met her as well as many more of my favorite people.  We use to all frequent a chat room (Single Parents) back when chat rooms were the thing.   We met most nights on there and greeted each other with hugs and kind words and that support group helped me through some of the toughest times of my life while I was raising my youngins, they provided me encouragement when I thought I couldn't do it, Love when I felt like I was forsaken by others, laughs when I was said, tears when I needed to cry and memories that will last forever.  I have made life long friends in some of those people.  People that I will forever feel grateful for and gratitude toward.  People like Heather.  I can name a few others (Laura, Joe, and Robert) all of which are still so very special, then there are people like Lillie and Brad whom I have never actually met, but remember how they met and fell in love through the online community and moved across the country to be together and now live down in Key Largo and get this, I will get to meet them finally after all these years on that week in December.  I don't keep good contact with them now, and don't have a clue what they have been up to, but I remember the chats in the room, with them and know we will have a blast down there! 

I am totally lucky that Heather and her Mom are flipping the bill for the room... All we have to do is fly down and have a rental car, food and entertainment for the week, so that saves us a grand or more easily and for that I am thankful! 

I am probably looking forward to it more than anyone! I have already put my leave request in at work so I can be sure to have the entire week off without complications.

Now, I have to find a babysitter for the week for the children (since they will still be in school, and quit possibly may be having exams that week).  I also need to get them started in school, so I can get the plane tickets and rental car..... then since I am going at Christmas time, I need to go ahead and start putting up funds toward the trip and toward Christmas so I don't mess things up for the kids or the trip lol I need to quit freaking eating out.

I am so totally excited... not to just get to spend a week in Florida or in paradise for that matter but to get to spend so much, much needed time with my friend Heather! I am stoked! :)

Oh yeah, get this...... on another note.  My son is a middle schooler (6th grader) and my daughter (sit down) is a Sophomore (10th grader)..... But I, I feel like a teenager still myself.  Maybe a few pounds, ok a lot of pounds, and many aches and pains later, but I am still a teenager.  I am in better spirits by changing my train of thought and thinking more like myself on a positive note! :) Life is good.
We are going to Point Mallard tonight for SAIC picnic, and tomorrow my daddy is coming to visit.  (Destiny is not going to point mallard with the family because she will be going to see some bands play at a local coffee house.... gosh she is growing up).


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