Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a mess

Well my blog has changed overnight.  A big fat mess I have made of it. I started off by accidentally changing the link to the blog... so even if I had more followers lol they can't find me now!!! GREAT! (that is total sarcasm there.  I guess all the sudden changes I was making to make my blog "better" have royally fucked me! lol I will be working for weeks to get this thing back to where it needs to be just to be functional.  I am typing this message which no one will read for days, or even weeks since I wont dare post the NEW link until I clean the mess I have made up... UGH.

Like I have all the time in the world to totally re-arrange and change my blog, I swear I start messing with something and make it worse before it gets better... but that's just it, now that I have started.... I should be able to the changes I have been wanting to make. 

I dabble in HTML a little, don't really know what I am doing but usually enjoy working with it (that is until last night and I made a mess of things).  So this may just force me into making this blog, the background, the layout and all that jazz, making it just how I want it.   I like many others take a free template, leave their logo on it and adapt to it to make it mine... I want to make my own template.  Because I am a selfish person! (not literally, but just because I can and want to).  Luckily I have not managed to lose all the data that I have stored on blogger.  My blog from before on livejournal is still up and working too.  which I could figure out how to move that content here.... maybe I can in the future, who knows.  I will at least keep a link to it.

Maybe by making a mess of things, I will make it better... who knows!

Maybe I will find people who like what I type and what I have to say about things, or maybe not, either way..... I have to fix this mess to even let my one lone follower know how to find me... WAY TO GO TONYA!!! Geesh!

BTW I am up at the crack of dawn, LITERALLY.  Have been up since 4 am. At work now. Going to the sleep lab in a few minutes to do what I do best. (haha)

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