Monday, May 24, 2010

Should I just end it all?

My blog that is.  I never hardly write here. My writing is rather lame.  My spelling is horrific, and I have after all these years only one avid follower.  Although I love that follower greatly, and this journal/blog gives me some reflection on my life, which is nice especially if I want to remember when an actual event took place or something, but the bad thing about THIS blog is that I am so far behind and lack so much of my own personality. I am like a broken record.  This is what I did today, it was good, my family is great, this is what we have planned, this is what I want to do.... can you say BORING! No wonder I don't have more readers than, when I look at my blog it bores even me.

So now I am in a debate to just say the hell with blogging all together, to try to salvage this blog and turn it into MY OWN.  I say my own without fear that I may offend someone who might read my blog, or that I may be scared someone will actually read a post and comment in a negative manner, so I purposely keep my post tame and lame and BORING!  I have a creative side to me.  I have lots of thoughts and see things with my own eyes, and have an open personality, but for some reason my blog does not portray the me I am inside. I read some peoples blogs... blogs I love... and they say some things that make my jaw drop, and then I quiet literally roll on the floor laughing my fat ass off!  I don't think I may be as quick witted as some people, and maybe my sense of humor leaves more to be desired by many, but I could livin up this blog some.  Its quit dreary. 

I started different pages to my blog, all of which have fallen by the way side.  So what I might start with is a new look, deleting some pages that are lamer than the actual blog and making more of an effort to post about topics that are touching to me, piss me off, make me laugh, as well as events in my life. 

All of that being said, I think I  have convienced myself to keep my lil blog rolling because it is Mine..... and work toward making it more the flavor of me! :)


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