Monday, May 31, 2010

Pets (my other children)

Well my lil sweet dog was not feeling well most of the week.  He had diarrhea, he was gnawing on himself, and scratching.  I had already treated him for fleas because of the scratching and with the diarrhea was worried about worms. 

Took him to the vet on Friday and he took one look at him and said it was a classic allergy to fleas that he has.  His few flea bites he had were poison to him.  He was literally sick to his stomach and everything.  They gave him a steroid shot, started him on antibiotic, gave him a pill to take for flea control, and I got him some heart worm medicine, all of which totaled 180 dollars. YES ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY BUCKS!

He still needs to be "fixed", and will need shots again (yearly ones) in October.

He is feeling much better though and is totally happy to be taken such good care of! :)

Oh yeah, on the way to the vet he cried the whole time, the last time I had him in the crate in the car was when I had picked him up from mom's and was bringing him to his new home with us, he cried.  I think he was crying because he was afraid I was taking him somewhere else to live.  He didn't want to go. 

I love that dog! :)

Now for the cat... Trixie needs shots.  But other than that is fine and dandy (just as sassy as ever).  My goal is to take her to get shots, then schedule him to be "fixed" and then hopefully be done until time for his shots. 


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