Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

We thought long and hard over what to do this weekend. Both the kiddos were at their dads house so that left a 3 day weekend for Thomas and I. 

We thought about going to Atlanta for the weekend and taking in some Six Flags and maybe stone mountain, possibly even a Braves game.

We thought about just hanging at the house seeing some of the events at point mallard and possibly going out on the new kayaks.

The kayak place called and said they did not come in, so that through the plans of being on the water in our new kayaks out... guess we do that next weekend.

We did eat a new Italian restaurant in Decatur this weekend, I had several (very expensive) margaritas which Thomas could have made for me for a lot cheaper lol but over all the dinner was nice and atmosphere very enjoyable.

The point mallard festivities were nothing new and something we have seen and been a part of many years, we made it over there but were bored easily with it.

The Balloons at Point mallard

Thomas at Point Mallard to see the balloon glow (which we left shortly after we grabbed a bite to eat due to boredom)

I have been wanting to go hiking, so Thomas and I decided that we would do that.  We spent all day Sunday hiking.  We loaded up that morning and headed to High Falls.  This is near Geraldine Alabama.  When we got there we were prepared for the worst hiking with enough gear to stay gone all day and then some, you know just being prepared.  We started out on this one hiking trail to wind up doing a complete circle right back to the vehicle.  We were searching for the "High Falls" and so that was a bit comical and discouraging that we made it there hiked through in a circle and saw nothing! lol  We asked a gentleman for help, and he led us to another trail.  We hiked this trail which led us straight to the bridge.  The bridge we had been wanting to see as well, so this was good.  Next thing we saw was the HIGH FALLS, standing right in front of the bridge.  A few moments passed by and we realized we didn't have to walk more than 300 yards down from the car on a paved road to be right where we were standing...we laughed at ourselves, but at least we got some hiking in.

The bridge at High Falls

High Falls Water Fall

Another image from High Falls

Next we loaded back up and drove a bit further down the road heading to Ft. Payne and Desoto State Park.  We were limited on time so we decided to hit the first trails we came to and hike as much as we could until time ran out on us.  We hiked the azalea cascade which was a lovely boardwalk trail with a small little fall at the end. 
Thomas at the Azalea Cascade boardwalk

We then headed on to the trail for the Lost falls which was long, and we passed a woman and her daughter who said they had hiked at least 5  miles and this trail never took them anywhere but up.... so they had turned around and were coming back out, she also said they saw a snake (and if you recall my last hiking trip and the snake encounter I DIDN'T NEED TO HEAR THAT!!!! *****LINK****). But we were equipped with a map and Thomas is the brains of our outfit so we took this as a challenge and hiked on through to see the lost falls, he was determined to let me get to these waterfalls today (I love him for that).  We made it to the falls after much hiking (luckily with no snake encounters).

The Lost Falls

We continued on to Laurel Falls which by the time we got the falls the rain at started in on us, this fall was gorgeous, small and in such a location that taking a photo was damn near impossible!  The rain was coming and I had nothing to protect my camera so I shoved it under my shirt and we hiked on out to the vehicle.  We spent a great majority of the day walking trails in the woods, it was very nice, very quiet and exactly the way I wanted to spend this weekend! :)

Monday, we had a big bbq at the house and Thomas cooked steaks and we had all the fixins' and the day was great.  The only thing missing was my youngins.  Now they finally home and all is well... Overall it has been an awesome weekend. 
( I have photos from the bbq, they are still on the camera though... will post those some time later, or put them on my flickr.)

Tomorrow night City Tournament begins at the Flint fields, go Phillies.


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