Thursday, May 27, 2010

Face pain

If you follow this blog or are a friend, family member then you already know about my daughters history with jaw/face pain.  She has been through the mill of treatments and diagnoses to try to figure it all out.  She has had a total now of 9 different office visits, 5 sets of xrays, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal and the pain has returned a year later. 

This time her dentist wanted to do another root canal... the child's teeth are not that bad and it amazes me at 15 she would be needing possibly a second root canal on another tooth.  I spoke with her pediatrician about it, and we got her into see a Neurologist.

I had researched and seemed she had a lot of symptoms related to possibly Trigeminal Neuralgia.  But, the Neurologist doesn't think it is the case, but she does feel that the Trigeminal nerve area is the problem, but doesn't feel the nerves are damaged or anything due to her muscle strength and sensitivity to touch.  She does however want to try Neurontin (Gabapentin) on her to see if this helps with symptoms. 

I am sick of it myself.  She says this morning she is hurting, I don't want her to continue taking advil/tylenol around the clock or heaven forbid the Lortab she got last week.... not with the Neurontin because how will she know if it works?  Also, the Neurontin starts at 100 mg once a day and over several weeks works up to 300 mg twice a we just wait but it sucks to hear her suffer and know she is  hurting and there is nothing more I can do right now. Blah


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