Friday, May 7, 2010


In the last 15 years my life has changed alot. I am not the person I was 15 years ago and actually pretty far from her. I think back at all that has happened and I have had one precious person with me, encouraging me, strengthing me, pushing me to want to be a better person. That person was once craddled in my arms and I remember looking down at her and saying "You are MY destiny". Her presence helped me end a relationship that was never anything but bad for me or her, her presence pushed me to be a better role model and even though I had her at 19 years old and didn't know who I was myself yet, I knew I was her mother and I had to show her the importance of education by going and getting my own, the importance of independence by showing her we can make it on our own and I had to show her that even though the things get rough we find strength in those things to see us through.   She has watched me struggle and we have had some pretty amazing adventures. Today and each day forward she is out setting her own path for this life, and I wish her nothing but success and happiness. I am proud of her. She is an awesome person. She is kind, generous, brilliant, and beautiful. I was surely given a gift when God gave me her.

I worry about her, and fear all the decisions she will be faced with making over the next 10 years of her life, and hope I have given her the guidance she needs to make some of the better choices.   It is her life however, and I can't live it for her.  I can say I love her and see what an amazing person she is and the joy she has given me is beyond words.  I will stand beside her and I try to encourage her the way she has always encouraged me with a smile, and hug or simple little words like "Mommy your the best".

Today we venture to the DMV and she takes her test for her learners permit, driving! Geesh!!!! I wish her luck and I know how excited she is, My Destiny is growing up on me, rather I like it or not. 

Happy Birthday sweet child.


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