Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

We thought long and hard over what to do this weekend. Both the kiddos were at their dads house so that left a 3 day weekend for Thomas and I. 

We thought about going to Atlanta for the weekend and taking in some Six Flags and maybe stone mountain, possibly even a Braves game.

We thought about just hanging at the house seeing some of the events at point mallard and possibly going out on the new kayaks.

The kayak place called and said they did not come in, so that through the plans of being on the water in our new kayaks out... guess we do that next weekend.

We did eat a new Italian restaurant in Decatur this weekend, I had several (very expensive) margaritas which Thomas could have made for me for a lot cheaper lol but over all the dinner was nice and atmosphere very enjoyable.

The point mallard festivities were nothing new and something we have seen and been a part of many years, we made it over there but were bored easily with it.

The Balloons at Point mallard

Thomas at Point Mallard to see the balloon glow (which we left shortly after we grabbed a bite to eat due to boredom)

I have been wanting to go hiking, so Thomas and I decided that we would do that.  We spent all day Sunday hiking.  We loaded up that morning and headed to High Falls.  This is near Geraldine Alabama.  When we got there we were prepared for the worst hiking with enough gear to stay gone all day and then some, you know just being prepared.  We started out on this one hiking trail to wind up doing a complete circle right back to the vehicle.  We were searching for the "High Falls" and so that was a bit comical and discouraging that we made it there hiked through in a circle and saw nothing! lol  We asked a gentleman for help, and he led us to another trail.  We hiked this trail which led us straight to the bridge.  The bridge we had been wanting to see as well, so this was good.  Next thing we saw was the HIGH FALLS, standing right in front of the bridge.  A few moments passed by and we realized we didn't have to walk more than 300 yards down from the car on a paved road to be right where we were standing...we laughed at ourselves, but at least we got some hiking in.

The bridge at High Falls

High Falls Water Fall

Another image from High Falls

Next we loaded back up and drove a bit further down the road heading to Ft. Payne and Desoto State Park.  We were limited on time so we decided to hit the first trails we came to and hike as much as we could until time ran out on us.  We hiked the azalea cascade which was a lovely boardwalk trail with a small little fall at the end. 
Thomas at the Azalea Cascade boardwalk

We then headed on to the trail for the Lost falls which was long, and we passed a woman and her daughter who said they had hiked at least 5  miles and this trail never took them anywhere but up.... so they had turned around and were coming back out, she also said they saw a snake (and if you recall my last hiking trip and the snake encounter I DIDN'T NEED TO HEAR THAT!!!! *****LINK****). But we were equipped with a map and Thomas is the brains of our outfit so we took this as a challenge and hiked on through to see the lost falls, he was determined to let me get to these waterfalls today (I love him for that).  We made it to the falls after much hiking (luckily with no snake encounters).

The Lost Falls

We continued on to Laurel Falls which by the time we got the falls the rain at started in on us, this fall was gorgeous, small and in such a location that taking a photo was damn near impossible!  The rain was coming and I had nothing to protect my camera so I shoved it under my shirt and we hiked on out to the vehicle.  We spent a great majority of the day walking trails in the woods, it was very nice, very quiet and exactly the way I wanted to spend this weekend! :)

Monday, we had a big bbq at the house and Thomas cooked steaks and we had all the fixins' and the day was great.  The only thing missing was my youngins.  Now they finally home and all is well... Overall it has been an awesome weekend. 
( I have photos from the bbq, they are still on the camera though... will post those some time later, or put them on my flickr.)

Tomorrow night City Tournament begins at the Flint fields, go Phillies.


Pets (my other children)

Well my lil sweet dog was not feeling well most of the week.  He had diarrhea, he was gnawing on himself, and scratching.  I had already treated him for fleas because of the scratching and with the diarrhea was worried about worms. 

Took him to the vet on Friday and he took one look at him and said it was a classic allergy to fleas that he has.  His few flea bites he had were poison to him.  He was literally sick to his stomach and everything.  They gave him a steroid shot, started him on antibiotic, gave him a pill to take for flea control, and I got him some heart worm medicine, all of which totaled 180 dollars. YES ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY BUCKS!

He still needs to be "fixed", and will need shots again (yearly ones) in October.

He is feeling much better though and is totally happy to be taken such good care of! :)

Oh yeah, on the way to the vet he cried the whole time, the last time I had him in the crate in the car was when I had picked him up from mom's and was bringing him to his new home with us, he cried.  I think he was crying because he was afraid I was taking him somewhere else to live.  He didn't want to go. 

I love that dog! :)

Now for the cat... Trixie needs shots.  But other than that is fine and dandy (just as sassy as ever).  My goal is to take her to get shots, then schedule him to be "fixed" and then hopefully be done until time for his shots. 


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Nothing sucks more than waking up to diarrhea from your puppy all in his crate.... Oh the joy of motherhood.

Kayake Kayake Kayake

KAYAK!  That is not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Kayaks that we own.  We get to pick up the other two this weekend.  The kiddos have one each and Thomas and I have one.

I am totally excited to finally be able to all 4 go out on the water together. 

We have waited over 6 weeks to get this babies in!

Memorial day weekend seems like a great time to get them.  Hopefully we get them tomorrow after work, and this weekend enjoy the festivities at point mallard and work in sometime to hit the water.

Oh yeah we can fish off these too, so I hope to get our fishing license and catch us a bunch...even though I don't like to eat them and will not touch them lol it should be a riot.


Face pain

If you follow this blog or are a friend, family member then you already know about my daughters history with jaw/face pain.  She has been through the mill of treatments and diagnoses to try to figure it all out.  She has had a total now of 9 different office visits, 5 sets of xrays, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal and the pain has returned a year later. 

This time her dentist wanted to do another root canal... the child's teeth are not that bad and it amazes me at 15 she would be needing possibly a second root canal on another tooth.  I spoke with her pediatrician about it, and we got her into see a Neurologist.

I had researched and seemed she had a lot of symptoms related to possibly Trigeminal Neuralgia.  But, the Neurologist doesn't think it is the case, but she does feel that the Trigeminal nerve area is the problem, but doesn't feel the nerves are damaged or anything due to her muscle strength and sensitivity to touch.  She does however want to try Neurontin (Gabapentin) on her to see if this helps with symptoms. 

I am sick of it myself.  She says this morning she is hurting, I don't want her to continue taking advil/tylenol around the clock or heaven forbid the Lortab she got last week.... not with the Neurontin because how will she know if it works?  Also, the Neurontin starts at 100 mg once a day and over several weeks works up to 300 mg twice a we just wait but it sucks to hear her suffer and know she is  hurting and there is nothing more I can do right now. Blah


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a mess

Well my blog has changed overnight.  A big fat mess I have made of it. I started off by accidentally changing the link to the blog... so even if I had more followers lol they can't find me now!!! GREAT! (that is total sarcasm there.  I guess all the sudden changes I was making to make my blog "better" have royally fucked me! lol I will be working for weeks to get this thing back to where it needs to be just to be functional.  I am typing this message which no one will read for days, or even weeks since I wont dare post the NEW link until I clean the mess I have made up... UGH.

Like I have all the time in the world to totally re-arrange and change my blog, I swear I start messing with something and make it worse before it gets better... but that's just it, now that I have started.... I should be able to the changes I have been wanting to make. 

I dabble in HTML a little, don't really know what I am doing but usually enjoy working with it (that is until last night and I made a mess of things).  So this may just force me into making this blog, the background, the layout and all that jazz, making it just how I want it.   I like many others take a free template, leave their logo on it and adapt to it to make it mine... I want to make my own template.  Because I am a selfish person! (not literally, but just because I can and want to).  Luckily I have not managed to lose all the data that I have stored on blogger.  My blog from before on livejournal is still up and working too.  which I could figure out how to move that content here.... maybe I can in the future, who knows.  I will at least keep a link to it.

Maybe by making a mess of things, I will make it better... who knows!

Maybe I will find people who like what I type and what I have to say about things, or maybe not, either way..... I have to fix this mess to even let my one lone follower know how to find me... WAY TO GO TONYA!!! Geesh!

BTW I am up at the crack of dawn, LITERALLY.  Have been up since 4 am. At work now. Going to the sleep lab in a few minutes to do what I do best. (haha)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Should I just end it all?

My blog that is.  I never hardly write here. My writing is rather lame.  My spelling is horrific, and I have after all these years only one avid follower.  Although I love that follower greatly, and this journal/blog gives me some reflection on my life, which is nice especially if I want to remember when an actual event took place or something, but the bad thing about THIS blog is that I am so far behind and lack so much of my own personality. I am like a broken record.  This is what I did today, it was good, my family is great, this is what we have planned, this is what I want to do.... can you say BORING! No wonder I don't have more readers than, when I look at my blog it bores even me.

So now I am in a debate to just say the hell with blogging all together, to try to salvage this blog and turn it into MY OWN.  I say my own without fear that I may offend someone who might read my blog, or that I may be scared someone will actually read a post and comment in a negative manner, so I purposely keep my post tame and lame and BORING!  I have a creative side to me.  I have lots of thoughts and see things with my own eyes, and have an open personality, but for some reason my blog does not portray the me I am inside. I read some peoples blogs... blogs I love... and they say some things that make my jaw drop, and then I quiet literally roll on the floor laughing my fat ass off!  I don't think I may be as quick witted as some people, and maybe my sense of humor leaves more to be desired by many, but I could livin up this blog some.  Its quit dreary. 

I started different pages to my blog, all of which have fallen by the way side.  So what I might start with is a new look, deleting some pages that are lamer than the actual blog and making more of an effort to post about topics that are touching to me, piss me off, make me laugh, as well as events in my life. 

All of that being said, I think I  have convienced myself to keep my lil blog rolling because it is Mine..... and work toward making it more the flavor of me! :)


Friday, May 7, 2010


In the last 15 years my life has changed alot. I am not the person I was 15 years ago and actually pretty far from her. I think back at all that has happened and I have had one precious person with me, encouraging me, strengthing me, pushing me to want to be a better person. That person was once craddled in my arms and I remember looking down at her and saying "You are MY destiny". Her presence helped me end a relationship that was never anything but bad for me or her, her presence pushed me to be a better role model and even though I had her at 19 years old and didn't know who I was myself yet, I knew I was her mother and I had to show her the importance of education by going and getting my own, the importance of independence by showing her we can make it on our own and I had to show her that even though the things get rough we find strength in those things to see us through.   She has watched me struggle and we have had some pretty amazing adventures. Today and each day forward she is out setting her own path for this life, and I wish her nothing but success and happiness. I am proud of her. She is an awesome person. She is kind, generous, brilliant, and beautiful. I was surely given a gift when God gave me her.

I worry about her, and fear all the decisions she will be faced with making over the next 10 years of her life, and hope I have given her the guidance she needs to make some of the better choices.   It is her life however, and I can't live it for her.  I can say I love her and see what an amazing person she is and the joy she has given me is beyond words.  I will stand beside her and I try to encourage her the way she has always encouraged me with a smile, and hug or simple little words like "Mommy your the best".

Today we venture to the DMV and she takes her test for her learners permit, driving! Geesh!!!! I wish her luck and I know how excited she is, My Destiny is growing up on me, rather I like it or not. 

Happy Birthday sweet child.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photography bliss!

I just ordered my first digital SLR camera.  After much review I made the decision to go with the Nikon D5000 model.  I like the D90 and orginally had wanted one of those, but after side by side comparison the D5000 seemed to fit me and what I want my DSLR to do for me.  The price is more reasonable as well.  I am totally excited about it, and can't wait to take some awesome photos. 

My sweet man has helped me get this camera for my 34th birthday, the birthday is on Tuesday and the camera should be here on Wednesday.  I ordered it just tonight. 

I can't wait to get it in!