Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling a bit shnazy

I ordered my first smart phone yesterday.  I am finally catching up with techonolgy.  I have a Motorola Droid being shipped as I speak and hopefully tomorrow night I will be dabbling on it.  :) I is happy!

On another note: The family camping trip with our new camper has had to be postponed due to predicted weather.  We rather not spend our first weekend camping with a day full of thunderstorms.  Gives us more time to get ready for the next trip, but that is a bummer for this weekend, now I have to find something fun to do with the kiddos for the end of spring break.... any ideas?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is this thing on?

Can you say blog FAIL... wait lets say blogger FAIL.  That better sums up the past oh month or so that I have totally not blogged!

Busy little beaver I am, busy and lazy

I have went 6 days without caffeine now, so I do very good to hold my damn head up right now!

That being said I have lose 4 lbs in those 6 days, so I am not complaining.

I have had my son go away to space camp for a week.... photos to come soon (maybe)

My daughter went to Allstate chorus performance.

And me?  I went on a spending spree. lol I cashed in on my 401K from my previous employment because it seemed like such an awesome thing to do.  (I may kick my own ass come April 2011 when the taxes are done, but until then... I am enjoying it).  I bought clothes for the whole family, paid of mucho mucho bills including all my credit card debt (GO ME!!!) and doctor bills that were forever facing me each month and even paid off my washer and dryer!  I bought two liquid logic kayaks for Thomas and myself and two Coleman something er other kayaks for Destiny and Desmond (photos to come soon.... well of the kiddos.  Thomas and mine are on order and won't be in until May 28th).  I am going to get the hair DID on Thursday and My puppy Rueben is getting his hair DID that day too.... I am purchasing two new droid phones for the grown ups in the family and gosh I dunno but that just about does it... I have about blown all the money, but it feels so good to get that debt off of me! :)  So it was worth it, now just let me remember that next year.

Life is going really well for me.  My house is a total mess so that is proof that things are well, I am too busy to clean! 

My dad GAVE us, yep just signed it right over and GAVE up a pop up camper.  Gotta love my dad! :) He is awesome.  So most of the summer will be filled with camping and outdoor fun and adventures.  I love it!

Kiddos are on spring break now and I hope to get out camping this weekend, if possible! 

Time will settle down.  I had too much time on my hands when I was home and not working, and now....not enough time! I swear!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Discouragement with baseball

Ok so my son was excited about baseball before the opening day game when he was benched the majority of the game and it was the first time ever he had been benched that long.  He was benched because there was another catcher who missed most of the practices (which Desmond caught in) due to a shoulder injury.  Glad to see the boy is back and feeling better but because he is back my son has been benched more than any other player, and he was at all the practices and filled in for this child as he was out, he was told he was the catcher for the team, but when the other kid comes back they make Desmond sit out.  Why can't they let them take turns more and let the other kid sit out some too?  Give him a break?  Desmond went from playing every play in some way to not getting to play and it was not for any reason other than the other boy is a bit better and has returned.   I mean why make him sit out so many innings?  He went from playing every single game last year to barely playing this year?  Why did you select him on your team if you aren't going to play him? Why did you practice him so hard as catcher if you aren't going to play him there?  I mean if that other child's shoulder gets messed up again, you are going to want him to catch then right? Well, he probably won't do it for you then.... you are taking his love of baseball away from him. 

He had stitches and missed only 1 game because of it.  He was there, in uniform supporting his team, but could not play.  The stitches are out and he is all excited about playing get to the game and get to play one inning in the out field.  I know how baseball is and I know its not always fair.  But when we are ahead 16-7 and you have moved players all around because of our lead and letting different players play at different positions why was my son still left on the bench?  He is the only kid who sat out that many innings.  He didn't do anything to deserve that, and I saw his heart breaking which made me mad!

So not that you read this blog coach, but if my son continues to sit out like this, we might as well no longer be a part of it, because there is no need in him hurting and suffering over it or me wasting my time with it if you don't care enough about him to try to play him.  He is not a bad player, not as good as some others but you know what his team won city champions last year with him playing catcher.... I have seen him make mistakes and seen him make awesome plays. I have seen him strike out and seen him make great hits.  Maybe he isn't as consistant as you would like but from where I stand you aren't very consistant either.

Oh yeah, you need to quit yelling at your son and embarrasing him out on the field like you do, if he made contact and hit the ball its better than striking out and I am damn sure that you wouldn't and couldn't hit the ball perfectly everytime so quit expecting that from you kid!

Now I hear my son say he hates baseball, he never wants to play it again.....when I remember him coming home from the first practices saying he loved baseball and he loved catching.  Funny how things can change when you mistreat someone how they look at things so differently. 
Sad when he is a good ball player, and with the right coaching is even a great ball player. 

Not to mention this league we are in allows stupid shit to go on all around the field.  Do you know that folks drive around the ballfield in golf carts.  They are too lazy to walk a few feet so they drive their golf carts over from the point mallard subdivision, not only do they drive them over there where they do not belong, but they allow children under the age of 10 to drive them in excessive speeds around the park where children are playing. No rules against it so why not do it.  These fucking parents are morons.  They will wait until a child gets injuried or heaven forbid dies from somone driving those carts before they make a rule about it.  I mean even on the golf courses you have to 14 or 15 to drive the carts.  Come on people... lets make the parks safe and baseball fun for all the players. 

I am not a fan of starting something and quitting it.  Once you start it, you finish it.  But when it comes to this particular team and this particular coach if things don't change maybe we should quit, then they wont have enough players to keep one or two of them benched all the time and we can spend our time camping out and enjoy our family and figuring out another sport that Desmond may want to play since his love of baseball is slipping away. 

Very discouraged.