Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love my dog. He is spoiled rotten, worse than me.  When I got him in January he was not potty trained, and I began right away, he was already 6 months old so I knew deep down my work would be cut out for me.  He started going outside and was doing really well until we got rain/snow and other miscellaneous things that got ME out of my routine with him.  It really in all fairness is not his fault he continues to use the bathroom in my house, its MINE. I was not consistent.  I didn't want to go out at 6 am in the freezin cold just because he needed and wanted to. I didn't want to take his food up and put it back down as I didn't trust my memory enough to remember to feed him later.  I know am in the process of getting out the shop vac and deep cleaning my carpets and cleaning up after this sweet little puppy for what I hope to be the last time.  I got up with him this morning and was proud of myself for doing so at 7 am and got clothes on, and took him out only to find it was wet and raining and he would not go.  I waited 20 minutes and still no pee and no poo.  We came back in and he did poo and pee on his poop pad this time which is always nice when he uses that instead of the hallway carpet or kitchen floor which are his two other favorite places to do his deed.  This will be more of a learning curve for me.... I HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT and that is one thing that I am not.  I never have been at very many things. I don't believe I have a bad character as being inconsistent with important things like paying bills and such, but I do believe when it comes to some a lot of things I can be wishy washy on and not just set my mind to do it.  One minute I say I hate sci-fi the next minute I am all enjoying a movie of that very genre lol.  Wishy washy me. 

Po Rueben.  Hopefully him and I will make it through this and he will be trained to simply let me know when he wants to go outside, he go and I give a treat and that will be the end of it. Wish us both oodles of luck!

On another note with Rueben, you should see this dog and his daddy.  My T-Bone is who I am referring to.  He loves him so much!  They play together and right now Thomas is gone visiting with his brother (who is still in CCU) and the dog is missing his daddy, thats all there is to it.

He is such a joy and wonderful addition to our family, I am so happy and thankful my mother gave him to us as My family has benefited greatly from his loving nature.  He is the best dog I have ever seen or been around my entire life.  He reminds me of a bear, a teddy bear, he thinks he is mean but has the slowest reactions to situations I have ever seen, kinda of like Eyore or something.  I love him so very much and hope he lives with us for many many years, its the kinda of love that I already fear him not living as long as me.  What would I do without him.... he loves me more than my own kids I think lol I mean he has to follow me to the bathroom, or to the kitchen, or anywhere I go afraid he might miss a fart I let or something.  He pisses on me when I come home from work he is so extremely excited to see me.  This dog is love. I don't have to do anything for him, although I do bath him, and buy him toys, and take him for walks and such I dont HAVE to do anything for him to love me.

He is perfect!


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