Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opening day and my son's worst day.

Well yesterday was opening day for baseball.  We were there at 8:45 am to begin opening day ceremonies with a parade, and introduction for all the teams.  Desmond's team played at 10:30 am and it was a good game.  They won 14-4 but it was only a practice game.  He was disappointed because he sat in the dug out a few innings and this is something he is not use to doing, but its life and he got over that.  He was disappointed because his daddy did not show up at the game and he was expecting him there.

The game was over and we were back at home, we called his daddy who said he did not intend on coming to the game, but for Desmond to call him when it was over so he could come get him for his weekend...bull.  I watched him searching looking all around, searching for his dad the entire game.  Someone tell me if its your weekend with your child why wouldn't you go to the ballfield and sit with him?

Prior to the game Desmond was feeling really nauseated, we had to pull over a few times on the way there because he felt like he would vomit but he never did.  He just didn't feel well.

He said he hurt his shoulder too, it was bothering him pretty bad on this day.

He finally got picked up and Thomas and I got ready to drive to Tupelo to visit with his brother who is still in the hospital from his car accident.  On the way there we are not feeling so well, so we start trying to figure out, Desmond was sick this morning and now a few hours later we are feeling icky like an out of body experience or something, nauseated and just not feeling ourselves.  We keep discussing what it may be and deteremined we had a touch of food poisoning from the buffet we ate at the night before, we all three ate the same thing so it was probably in what we ate. I did notice toward the end of my meal that my meat didn't look as done as I would like it and quit eating on it, but we all had already ate some before I noticed it.  Anyway, we get there to Tupelo and visit 1 hour approximately and then I get a call from Kevin. 

"Desmond has cut his leg, and it may need stitches"

I talk to Desmond on the phone who is scared to death, you can hear it in his voice and he wants his momma!

My sweet man gets me home in 2 hours when it usually takes 3 hours to travel one way.  His daddy had him at the ER by the time we got there but I made it before they started sewing him up, this is where he really wanted me, so I am thankful that I was there for it.

He was a big boy and got his stitches and is not doing well, the whole event was a little tramatic at first.  I think because I was not there for him, and he really wanted his momma.

How did he do this?  He walked into some broken glass from a big jar (like a pickle jar or something).  His dad had him near a construction site, his dad knew there was broken glass around there and they "intended" on picking it up but did not, so now my son was hurt and scared for life all over a human error.  I try to say accidents happen, and let it go.... because I know they do. But if there is broken glass... like you break one in the kitchen, do you not instantly get it up to avoid injury?  I know I do, its instinct, hurry and get it up before someone gets cut.  They knew the glass was there broken and they had kids around.  All he did was walk near the glass that he didn't see there and cut his leg wide open.  I know he is my baby, and how momma's can be, so I am going to let this go, but his daddy hurt his feelings that morning and his body that night.... I am not just forgetting about it!

Now Desmond feels his photos and the stitches are what he calls "beast mode" so here are the photos.


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