Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tragic weekend

The weekend started for me by leaving work on Friday and heading to the ballfield.  Staying there until 7:30 pm and heading home.  Getting home and trying to decide what we might want to eat for dinner.  Thomas and I had planned on heading out to Hard Dock to watch his friend perform in his band Radio Tremors.  But an unforseen even took place.  We received a call around 8 pm that said that Thomas' brother Mark was invovled in an accident and they were trying to locate him.  The message said something about he was ejected from the vehicle and hurt pretty bad.  We later heard he may be at a hospital in Memphis.  We started searching, many family members were calling around trying to locate him.  Finally his mother spoke to the trooper that was at the scene and got more of the story.  Mark was taken by MED Flight to a hospital in Tupelo.  He was not driving the car but a another woman was.  She was also taken by MED Flight but to Memphis. We loaded up the car with and headed that way.  We made it to Tupelo by the time we knew where he was and everything it was 12:30 am when we arrived. The people at the CCU were really nice and let the family go on back to see him. 

At first we were thinking he is pretty banged up but doesn't appear to be anything life threatening.  Broken ribs, whole in his lung that was under control, knot on his head that they were watching.  Then, we find out that the knot on his head is bleeding out and they are some concerns there and that it was not actually a whole in his lung, but that his lung collapsed and they had to inflate it by putting a whole in the lung.  Later we find out his leg is all messed up, like doesn't even look like a leg anymore.  Then they find that his arm is all bandaged up. He has road rash that his literally ripped the skin from his body in numerous places.  But we are still thinking he has nothing life threatening and he is in the right place to get taken care of.

Then, the family meets with the doctor.  They talk about bleeding in his chest internally and trying to figure out why he is bleeding.  They give him a blood transfusion in hopes that this will help him heal quicker as he is a very tiny man only maybe 110 lbs (that is my guess).  Thomas and I head home. Desmond was suppose to be picked up by his dad (which boy do I ever have another post coming about that!)  and had baseball practice, Thomas and I had tickets to see The Wizard of OZ last night and Cody had an appt to pick up his new uniform for his new job.  Plus, Cathy wanted to come back with her own car so she could stay or go anytime she wanted, she wasn't in the right state to drive there on Friday night.  So we all headed home. 

We were resting and trying to catch up on sleep when we got another call.  There have been other events.  Mark's chest is pretty much crushed, when he breaths his ribs and chest is rubbing on his collapsed lung and if this continues the lung will become a bloody mushy mess.  The doctor said he is going to put a trach tube in his mouth and place him on a ventilator which basically means he will not be breathing on his own.  This is scary.  Now the family worries this is very serious and he is not just a banged up real good, he is actually in a life threatening state.  He is "put under" for the next 4-5 days and on a ventilator for now still all beat up and stuff but now he is actually resting instead of suffering from all the pain.

The family is strained as it is a 3 hour drive to get there to him and get back.  Everyone works and has responsibilities and they all want to be there with him too.  I pray that he heals quickly and thoroughly and that this experience will teach him and he will re-evaluate way the choices he has taken and work toward living a healthier, happier life. 


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