Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the new job

I have completed 14 days of work at my new job.  In that 14 days I have learned so much.  I have never worked retail, although this is not your usual retail it is still that type of job.  I feel I have dealt with customer service plenty working in the medical field and working as a Medical Assistant for over 10 years, not to mentioned my work prior to that, so that is not new to me.  What is new, dealing with oxygen sales and all the mayham that comes along with that, learning about durable medical equipment and all the many aspects of it, taking over on a huge inventory and organizing and re-arranging, learning the sale of scrubs, obtaining a hug about of prices and compiling a list of prices of all items solds at my company, all of this is new to me.  And, I love it!   There are moments where I am slammed and customers are coming in right after each another and the phone is ringing and I am still learning and may be there by myself and it is a bit stressful, but there are times when I am alone in an empty store with my own thoughts and ideas and that is something I am totally not use to, and I love it! 

This job lets me use my ability to the fullest, I can make forms and re-organize things the way that I want them, and no one cares, they even like what I do.  I am enjoying my co-workers and my employers and feel this was a much needed good move for me. 

Now, I will continue to work on my studying for my A+ certificate and maybe move on to network + and keep at it as a back drop or maybe a career advancement in the future but for now, I am very content in my job and this is a good feeling.  I don't feel like I am wrongly done or mistreated and I don't feel like all my hard work goes unnoticed.


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