Saturday, March 13, 2010

I want a T-Bone

Not a steak.   Not just any T-Bone. I want my T-Bone.  I feel so selfish wanting him here with me while his brother lay in CCU and po T-Bone is sleeping in a waiting room.  That is why I want him here, I am snug as rug in our home and our home is so different without him here.  I miss him.  I know why he is there and really wouldn't dare get upset over it, I only wish I could go with him, but I can't not with the kids.  So since I can't I just wish him home, or at least home safely when he can come home.  I hope his brother continues to improve and gets to come home soon too.

I miss his smile, his touch, his smell, his voice.... I miss his body next to me, I miss him! God he has only been gone one night and I have two more to go, its going to be a long weekend. 

I love that I love him this much and miss him this much after all of these years. The relationship has changed and will continue to change but the love is the same, if not stronger.  :)

I am blessed


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