Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clapton vs Daltrey

Clapton said all of 2 words no literally two words. They were thank you.  Not sure if this is normal for him or not, maybe he is just ooberly talented which the man makes a guitar talk in like 15 different languages he fucking rocks and there is no way to ever deny him of that.  That being said, he is no show man.  He puts on a not so good performance or at least he does now or at least he did last night.  He went from one song straight to another, he did at least come back for an encore.  I still am a fan and still feel this man as more talent in his little finger than I have in my whole body (well when it comes to certain things ;-)  hehe ), but impressed with the concert I was not, I am chalking it up to the fact that he is getting older and maybe this is just his nature and how he always is but I don't know if I can forgive the Tears in Heaven and Lay Down Sally songs for being totally ignored and left out.  He played for 1 hr and 35 minutes.  That is all.

Roger Daltrey on the other hand is a performer!  He rocks so hard! He may not always sound the best but he will damn sure lose his voice in trying his best.  He sounded awesome for the most part and I could have watched / listened to him for longer than the 50 minutes he was alotted, from the sound of him he was just warming up and would have been more than willing to play where Clapton was lacking.

I was thoroughly entertained during Clapton though but not what was happening on stage as much as I was with the group of folks in front of me.  Some gals dancing one in particular who was dancing like she lost her pole and was about to have a fit to find it, some arguing between some old woman and a man and then a man who felt compailed to lift his cane up in the air as a solute (I suppose) to Eric Clapton, he did this not once, not twice, but most of the 1 hr and 35 minutes of the performance.

I had a mixed drink which costed Thomas $7.50 cents that tasted like watered down cranberry juice but then found me a mixed frozen drink at the tiki place that was yummy and all was well.

Overall the trip was lovely, traffic was not a nightmare and I enjoyed my evening with my man listening to some great music and watching some highly talented individuals perform. 


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