Monday, February 22, 2010


Man this blog has got to be one of the most boring blogs out there, maybe that is why no one bothers to read it. 

I was reading over the posts and some are good while other total suck.

Why do I blog? I keep this like a journal of what is going on with my  life.  I have made more pages to my blog because I am interested in movies and doing movie reviews to help me recall what I thought about particular film that I viewed. I have a photography page because I plan on getting more serious with photography in the future by getting a DSLR camera and learning more about the software that I have and really diving into this as a hobby that might potentially give me the ability to take photos for friends and family for a reasonable price. I have a healthy page because I am so unhealthy, and I have hopes that when I have my lifestyle change I can put some of my favorite recipes there and exercises and such to help others as it helps me. I started a Love page which is a story of T-Bone's and my love, our relationship, how it came to be and my most fond memories over the years, its not finished and a long way from it, but  it will be there when we are old and gray and I want to remember the journey we went on, its my own little book. The blog itself, simplicity is just a journal... ups and downs, boring things and exciting things.  It is what it is.  I don't necessarily want to mimic other peoples blogs so I reckon if I have no followers then that is just how it will be, I do need to try to spice up my post a little bit and when I have nothing to type but a bullet list of what all boring stuff I did today, maybe I can refrain myself from hitting the publish button as it is truly boring. 

I apologize for not being as quick witted or funny as some of you wonderful bloggers out there, I am me, however boring it is.  My life is interesting enough for me! I am a happy person!


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