Thursday, February 11, 2010

What fun, what love

My sweetie and I are planning to take the children and go to the Tennessee Aquarium this weekend. It may not sound like a blast to some but it is going to be awesome for me. I love little trips with the family to go see new things or do ANYTHING! My kids have never been to the aquarium and you know what I haven't either! I am stoked about it! We will view a movie in IMAX-3D which will be interesting in itself, plus see so many unfamiliar creatures and things that I just can't wait. We get to act silly and ride in the car for hours (I get to drive my children crazy!!! hehe).

I will take plenty of photos, don't you worry yourself (giggle).

And soon.... very soon, like two weeks from now soon we will be in B'ham, Al. seeing none other than the wonderful Mr. Eric Clapton. My life is soooo blessed. Love, fun and good times with my family and a special evening with my man. I may have stress on me and things may not be going just as I had hoped for, but this my friend is living. I am loved. I have an awesome and amazing family. My heart smiles. Yes it smiles.


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