Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine (How I love thee)

I thought I would take a moment to express my love for my man! He rocks my world. Here a simple list of the ways I love him.

100 ways I love him
1. The way he looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
2. The way he smiles at me.
3. The way he says “you sure are pretty” just out of the blue.
4. The way the touches me.
5. The way he makes me drinks.
6. The way he makes such awesome food.
7. The way he spoils me.
8. The way he puts up Christmas lights.
9. The way he handmade a canoe.
10. The way he teaches our children.
11. The way he loves me.
12. The way he loves my children.
13. The way he snuggles with me.
14. For our trip to see Indy car races the first time.
15. For our trip to see them the second time.
16. For our wonderful weekend in the Smokey Mountains
17. For our first beach trip together (alone).
18. For our second beach trip together (with kiddos).
19. For our third beach trip together (with kiddos).
20. For our fourth trip together (alone).
21. For the first flowers he ever gave me.
22. For my surprise yellow flowers just to brighten up my day.
23. For my surprise red and white carnations because he loves me.
24. For my two dozen roses, balloons, teddy bear, and chocolate he spoiled me with for V-Day last year.
25. For my big ol’ gorilla he gave me for Valentine’s one year.
26. For my beautiful emerald ring he gave me.
27. For my pink fossil watch with a little heart shape he gave me.
28. For my green fossil watch he gave me.
29. For my Alabama Fossil watch he gave me.
30. For my trip to Graceland for Mother’s day.
31. For my trip to Rock City and Ruby falls for Easter.
32. TMI: For his tongue and those wonderful talents (had to through that in) hehe
33. For the home he has made our house.
34. For fixing things when they break.
35. For giving me boom boom in my car.
36. For loving our furry family as much as I do.
37. For being a dad he didn’t have to be.
38. For all the movies he has watched with me.
39. For all the tv shows we have enjoyed together.
40. For the way he makes me feel complete.
41. For all the encouragement he gives to me.
42. For loving my silly faces.
43. For loving me even though I am so corny.
44. For allowing me to be me.
45. For seeing me as beautiful even when I look a mess.
46. For all the nice bike rides we have shared.
47. For the not so nice rides we shared (like that time we rode over 30 miles in pouring rain) haha.
48. For those quiet moments out in the canoe.
49. For the fishing sitting on the bank.
50. For the swimming trips to point mallard.
51. For the way he seems to know it all.
52. For being there for me when I gashed my eyelid open.
53. For being there for me when I hurt my back.
54. For being there for me when I stepped in a whole and tore a ligament in my foot.
55. For babying me when I feel puny.
56. For not getting mad or saying a word, if I don’t feel doing housework.
57. For saying "it’s ok that can wait", because he knows how tired I am.
58. For all the many laughs we’ve shared.
59. For all the tears that we have bared.
60. For helping me through life lessons.
61. For teaching me some of those lessons.
62. For being there for me when my employer crushed me.
63. For giving me body rubs.
64. For simply giving me a hug.
65. For maintaining a date night for use to indulge in.
66. For playing games with me and giving me a wii.
67. For the way he says he loves me and looks at me that way.
68. For doing nothing but trying to make me happy.
69. For putting up with my weirdness.
70. For loving me despite all my negative ways.
71. For being the rock in my family.
72. For how he wants to connect my dots (when he is talking about my freckles) hehe.
73. For the way he tries to keep things romantic.
74. For choosing me when there was a choice to be made.
75. For how he loves his family.
76. For his intelligence and seeing what it is like to be with a man who is actually (shhh don’t tell him I said this) smarter than me.
77. For how he use to dance with me.
78. For laughs we had while line dancing.
79. For wearing matching shirts with me.
80. For wearing matching boots.
81. For teaching me how to play pool.
82. For all his Halloween scares and the fun he brings to my life.
83. For how he has that habit of picking on his head and looking like a monkey.
84. For his sunflower seed eating ability.
85. For going to all of Desmond’s baseball games and helping him learn to play.
86. For going to all of Destiny’s performances and being a great daddy.
87. For telling me it will be ok even when we aren’t really sure.
88. For being there and my security.
89. For driving me around.
90. The way that we kiss.
91. For that goatee he leaves for me just because I like it.
92. The way that he smells.
93. His sense of humor.
94. His romantic side.
95. His character.
96. His charm.
97. His honesty.
98. His companionship.
99. For all that he has been, will be and is.
100. I love him for who he is.
101. For my laptop.
102. For my diamond earrings.
103. For letting me drive the stang.
104. For letting me wear his clothes.
105. For keeping life exciting.
106. For taking me to see BAMA play.
107. For all the fun game days we have had.

There are so many more things I could list. I made this list in less than hour off the top of my head, my cup literally over-floweth with love for this man! I couldn't stop at 100 and I could probably keep going for 100 more ways. I look forward to our future together.


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