Friday, February 12, 2010

Recent photos, just cause

Desmond and Rueben
Desmond's foot, Desmond and Rueben

The Champions of the family tag football game.

She throws like a girl (giggle)

Look at that booty *yummy*. If you look closely, you see mud all down his left side, he had just finished rolling on the ground after sliding, and Desmond is still laughing over it.

Kibbles and Bits and Bits (that is what his face reminds me of anyway) Adorable.
Cool Dude


She still rules the house, Princess Trixie. (shown here in Rueben's bed)

He makes a bigger mess than a two year old!

But then he smiles like this and it doesn't matter the he makes messes.

Not a care in the world.

You should see these two together. Adorable!


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