Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Over 100

Yesterday I made my 100th post on Blogger. Now its not my 100th post ever.... so I wanted to take this moment to remind folks you can click on tonyatime on my navigation bar (up there ↑) to view all my previous post. But back to the celebration of my 101th post today.

I have accomplished some shit today, and its a damn good thing because tomorrow I will be gone all day. I attended a meeting last night regarding what I will be doing tomorrow, I voluteered to help with all state auditions for chorus at my daughters school. Simple lil' gesture to help out especially since I have no job. I am worried. Maybe I am over-reacting but after listening to what they want me to do tomorrow... I am scared. Terrified! I thought I would serve some drinks, hand out some papers, do something simple. No... I am a transporter of students. Means I take groups of children to the holding room, then to the warm up room, then to the audition room. Keep the groups of children flowing meaning when one group is where it is suppose to be I have to get the next group and place them in the proper place (this building has like a zillion rooms too, upstairs/downstairs.... if you get my point) all groups sheet music has to be checked in a in proper order and form completed properly which is also my responsibility. lol No I am not so pathetic that I can't handle this, I am just shocked the responsibilities they put on us whew. I think its because they didn't have many volunteers. There will be over 20 directors there which means 20 different schools worth of all state hopefuls. Nervous children, anticipating their acceptance. God bless them all. I will survive this 8-4 shift tomorrow.... then I will have fun looking forward to the weekend like most of the employed folks around me.

Happy Hump day to you all.

Today's Tied: I am tied to my cell phone as it hold potential employment opportunity for me and after it decided to crumble in my hands (literally) yesterday and I had to convert back to the older model phone I realized how important my phone is. It is a life line. I was heading to Athens yesterday when my phone "fell apart" and realized my kiddos couldn't call me, my man couldn't call me, my family couldn't reach me in case of emergency. I couldn't reach anyone if I needed assistance and I could have been missing out on a important job opportunity... that being said I am now tied to my phone more so then I realized.

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