Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What a day. Got up this morning and went for a 2 hour test, then tackled the grocery store, then put away all the groceries and got an unexpected call for an interview, then went to the interview, then my phone broke on the way to the interview, then I got out an old phone to hook up in place of my broken cell phone, then called verizon to report my broken phone and order a replacement, (got it at no charge to me with 10% discount to my account, and 250 extra minutes because the phone broke) then, have to cook dinner, and I have a meeting at 6 pm to go to for All State Auditions for chorus......THEN.. YES my friend.... THEN, I get to come home and relax.

Ties today: I am tied to my damn to-do list. Without that list I would go crazy this week, that is for sure.

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