Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A no name post

Today was awesome. My man stayed home, played hooky with me today. We stayed in the bed until (OhIamashamedtoadmitit) 2:30 pm, yes all damn day. Then we got up and got dressed and headed to Waffle House for breakfast. We have had many a late date night at the Waffle House in the early years of our love. The food was actually really good. Could have been that we were both hungry enough to start gnawing on our own arms had we waited just another hour to eat. The day was blissful, relaxing and full of love and affection. I love today!

The laziness will soon come to an end. Back to the hectic schedule, that made my life sane and normal. I am excited about my new position. I can wear real clothes. I mean no scrubs. It has been over 10 years since I have had the opportunity not to wear scrubs and get this, I have NEVER had a job where I can wear casual dress, every day type clothes. I am going to actually get to fix myself up to go to work, instead up putting on those ever forgiving scrubs and the old pony tail. I get to feel pretty and fix myself up to go to work. Always makes me feel all grown up and attractive to take the time to fix myself up, going for interviews I feel like a normal person as I am dressed like those around me for the most part. This may encourage the weight loss? who knows at this point I am game for anything that MAY help. The folks that I will be working with, well I don't know them yet but they seem to be really nice and the environment seemed to be of one that I will fit in and feel comfortable working in. I am excited about it all. I look forward to this beginning.

I do dread that starting back, after such a long break. This has to be the longest break of employment I have had since I began working at 15. I have learned from this break, I can not be a successful SAHM. I can not deal with the uncertainty of my income, the sporadic schedule of a day, the management of the things that I need to do when I have more time to do it. I work better under pressure, when I MUST get things done because there is no tomorrow to do it. If I don't have that rush schedule, I basically think I have all the time in the world to do it and put it off, procrastinate.....horribly.... and then find that there is no time to do it, and then start all over with having the time but not doing it. It is pretty pathetic really... so I am more than thankful to be able to get back out in the work force. I welcome the rush schedule (omygosh baseball starts in a few weeks) and having to juggle everything in my life, I am ready to return to the way I function the best.

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