Saturday, February 20, 2010

I be tired

What a marvelous sunny day!  I have missed this kind of weather and I so look forward to Spring time.  I got up this morning, spent some time with T-Bone, then got ready and went and got my hair cut.  Then we went to Lowe's and T-Bone got a big 20ft ladder to use for projects around the house.  He got up on the roof and cleaned the gutters when we got back and finished some miscellaneous stuff in the yard from Christmas that the weather was making it hard to finish.  I raked up some leaves and then headed out shopping.

I wound up going shopping by myself, it was nice.  I am a bargain shopper. I am proud of the deals I found.
I got two pair of pants (tan and white), four blouses (different colors), a pair of cream shoes, a cream colored nine west purse, 3 new sets of jewelry (earrings and necklaces) to match my outfits, two new bras, 5 pair of panties, dress socks and stuff for my finger nails.  I purchased all of these items at two stores (Ross and Target) and spent with haircut included only 200 bucks.   I know, I am a good bargain shopper!!!   I also picked up two new pair of sunglasses from TJ max last night for only 8 bucks a pair (Guess and Esprit brand).

I already had some black pants and several tops (which I had been interviewing with) and some black shoes and a black handbag so now I am set with a good foundation.  I saw a few suit sets that were awesome, but I didn't want to over dress... its a casual dress that I am suppose to wear and I would be over done in the suits I think.  I am pleased with my shopping, not so pleased with the hair.  I got a wild ideal a few days ago and cut my bangs... I know bangs are so out of style now days but I wanted something different...... and now wish I hadn't done that, oh well whats done is done I will live with it.  The hair is nice for beginning the new job.... after this cut I think I will let it grow back out some as I am ready to have some length back.

After my shopping trip I came back home and helped in the yard.  I rolled up extension cords and raked more leaves (my shoulders are so sore right now I dread to feel them tomorrow) but I feel good after spending the day in the sun!

I just showered and blew my hair dry, now I sit in my chair all relaxed waiting on SteakOut to bring me my dinner as T-Bone and I were so busy today neither of us stopped to eat, we are famished!

Tomorrow... I have more raking to do (you should have seen the leaves, it is a real job!), I need to clean out my car/wash/vacuum it, need to do some laundry, and give the dog a bath.  I have to get my tasks I want to get done finished before 3 pm because Desmond has baseball tryouts. 

Ahhhh, now I sit and chill with my man.


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