Friday, February 5, 2010

I am very bad

at NaBloPoMo Just sayin' I give already damnit. I don't like HAVING to blog every day, hell I would probably do it if I wasn't telling myself I HAVE to do it, because I am just that way.

I had another interview today... what is it with the folks taking the time to test you, interview you and then say we are not making our decision until March? Hello! It is just now Feb. 5th for Christ sake. What ever happened to those days when you applied, were interviewed and they liked you on the interview and hired you right there on the spot or gave you a nice call the next day with an offer? That just doesn't happen anymore. I am definitely putting forth effort here! I mean you compliment me on my attire, my skill set, my experience, and everything but say "oh now lets wait another month or so and we will make a decision to choose this loser over here over you by that time because I will have remembered her and forgot all about you since it was well over a month since our interview" and like always I will be the one getting screwed.

I will say though, life is good to me. My family is simply amazing. I have the best boyfriend a gal could dream to have. I have managed to stay ahead of the game as far as my bills and financial life goes despite being without a job. I just MUST find a job this month to continue on the positive side of things. HELLO potential person needing an awesome worker... I am RIGHT HERE!!!

And that's all folks.


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