Monday, February 8, 2010

Baseball and FedEx

Baseball signups are tonight, actually tonight is the last night of 3 signups because I am a procrastinator lately, I put it off as long as I possibly could. Reason why? Nope.

I have also missed the damn fed-ex man three days. (Thurs., Fri., and now today) DAMNIT!!!! He has my new replacement cell phone, I just know that is what it is. I was gone 20 minutes today. THAT IS ALL!!!! I ran to staples to make some copies and fax my resume out to a few places. Came straight back home. My daughter was here in the home (she is home sick today) and still I MISSED THE FEDEX MAN. She said "I heard him knocking but we've been told not to open the door when no one is home". GRRR stupid rules (Just kiddin' I want my children safe, but geesh).

Soooooooooo after baseball signups.... I will be heading to Madison to the fedex place to pick this stupid package up. I wouldn't mind it so bad but it says on the slip after 6 pm, and that my friend cuts into my family time, T-Bone has class on Tues. and Thurs right now so you see Monday nights are special, he is home and he won't be tomorrow!!!!! UGH. I hope to be home no later than 7 though so we can do something then I reckon. I am just bitchin' cause I can. :)

EDITED: Ok baseball signups were a breeze. I downloaded the forms and had the check made out before I got there. No problems. BUTTTTT I still didn't go to FedEx because on my way there was a traffic accident that had traffic at a stand still. SOOOOOOO I will go tomorrow. Growl!


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