Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chillin' with Eric

You know Mr. Eric Clapton! I am listening to some CD's Thomas has made for me and chillin' just relaxing with my tunes.  I am totally excited I get to go see him tonight!!!! Plus Roger Daltrey although I know him only by THE WHO... ♫ singing 'Whooooo Arrrreeee Yoouuuu'  ♪.  I can't wait to see the two of them together tonight.  This show should ROCK... literally!

It will be a late night coming in from Birmingham late and getting up for work in the morning (I am still getting use to working again) but worth every minute of lost sleep.

I love my man for taking me and William and Lawanda for giving us the tickets that they won because they didn't want to go... not sure why anyone would not WANT TO GO! But I am happy!


I have mentioned how baseball takes over MY life when my SON starts it up.  Here is an example of the next three weeks baseball practice schedule:
Monday: 7-9pm
Tuesday: 630-8 pm
Wednesday: 430-6 pm
Thursday: 5-630 pm
Friday: 5-7 pm
Saturday: 10-1130 am
Monday: 5-7 pm

Tuesday: 5-630 pm
Wednesday: 430-6 pm
Thursday: 630-8 pm
Friday: 5-7 pm
Saturday: 10-1130 am
Monday: 7-9 pm
Tuesday: 630-8 pm
Wednesday: 460-6 pm
Thursday: 7-9 pm
Friday: 5-630 pm
Saturday: Opening day ceremonies start at 9 am game at 1030.

This schedule along with working from 830-430 every day, I will be doing damn good to get practice clothes washed and ready and work clothes washed and ready and dinner cooked and ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy Goshhhhhhhhhh its baseball time again!!!

I love the sport, I love watching my big boy play and it is worth it all but it is pretty stressful sometimes. 

Good luck my baby and I wanna see the Phillies have an AWESOME SEASON!!!!

(Note: I post this now because as you can see I will not have any time in the near future! lol lets see how well I manage my blog! haha)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

We are off to see the Wizard

The wonderful wizard of oz.  I am so tickled.  I came home from work today, changed into some comfy clothes, sat down in my recliner with my blanket and was determined that I would not move from this spot tonight so my evening was already going extremely well.   Then, Thomas came home from work, said he needed to go to the bedroom for a bit, then came in here and handed me two pieces of paper that he had went to print.  He said because we didn't do much around Valentine's and haven't done much lately because I was unemployed and we weren't really sure what was going to be happening over the next few months and now I have a job and there are less worries on us that he wanted to surprise me.  He knows how much I love plays and how bad I have always wanted to go see a play on Broadway.  He said he wanted to bring Broadway to me.  I love the Wizard of Oz and now I hold in my hand two tickets not just any tickets but some of the best seats in the house for the performance next Saturday night for an evening out with my sweetie!  I can't wait!  I am so excited, my man is so good to me!!!!

Not only are we going to see that next Saturday, but this Sunday we are heading to Birmingham to see Eric Clapton!!!!! I told ya I am spoiled rotten!  I am totally stoked about the coming events.

My next few weekends will be full.  Desmond  has started baseball and we start practicing this Saturday. I have the concert Sunday and next Satruday I get a play date with Leah at Bridgestreet and then get to go with my man to see a broadway play! :)


Monday, February 22, 2010

New(er) Job

Great benefits, gas/company car, great hours, room for growth, excellent starting pay, ability to give excellent patient care, ohhhhhhhhh good does come to those who wait! I almost missed out on this opportunity as I was suppose to start ANOTHER job tomorrow.  I am thankin' the heavens above and my new employer as today is a very good day! Tomorrow, will be even better!


Man this blog has got to be one of the most boring blogs out there, maybe that is why no one bothers to read it. 

I was reading over the posts and some are good while other total suck.

Why do I blog? I keep this like a journal of what is going on with my  life.  I have made more pages to my blog because I am interested in movies and doing movie reviews to help me recall what I thought about particular film that I viewed. I have a photography page because I plan on getting more serious with photography in the future by getting a DSLR camera and learning more about the software that I have and really diving into this as a hobby that might potentially give me the ability to take photos for friends and family for a reasonable price. I have a healthy page because I am so unhealthy, and I have hopes that when I have my lifestyle change I can put some of my favorite recipes there and exercises and such to help others as it helps me. I started a Love page which is a story of T-Bone's and my love, our relationship, how it came to be and my most fond memories over the years, its not finished and a long way from it, but  it will be there when we are old and gray and I want to remember the journey we went on, its my own little book. The blog itself, simplicity is just a journal... ups and downs, boring things and exciting things.  It is what it is.  I don't necessarily want to mimic other peoples blogs so I reckon if I have no followers then that is just how it will be, I do need to try to spice up my post a little bit and when I have nothing to type but a bullet list of what all boring stuff I did today, maybe I can refrain myself from hitting the publish button as it is truly boring. 

I apologize for not being as quick witted or funny as some of you wonderful bloggers out there, I am me, however boring it is.  My life is interesting enough for me! I am a happy person!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I be tired

What a marvelous sunny day!  I have missed this kind of weather and I so look forward to Spring time.  I got up this morning, spent some time with T-Bone, then got ready and went and got my hair cut.  Then we went to Lowe's and T-Bone got a big 20ft ladder to use for projects around the house.  He got up on the roof and cleaned the gutters when we got back and finished some miscellaneous stuff in the yard from Christmas that the weather was making it hard to finish.  I raked up some leaves and then headed out shopping.

I wound up going shopping by myself, it was nice.  I am a bargain shopper. I am proud of the deals I found.
I got two pair of pants (tan and white), four blouses (different colors), a pair of cream shoes, a cream colored nine west purse, 3 new sets of jewelry (earrings and necklaces) to match my outfits, two new bras, 5 pair of panties, dress socks and stuff for my finger nails.  I purchased all of these items at two stores (Ross and Target) and spent with haircut included only 200 bucks.   I know, I am a good bargain shopper!!!   I also picked up two new pair of sunglasses from TJ max last night for only 8 bucks a pair (Guess and Esprit brand).

I already had some black pants and several tops (which I had been interviewing with) and some black shoes and a black handbag so now I am set with a good foundation.  I saw a few suit sets that were awesome, but I didn't want to over dress... its a casual dress that I am suppose to wear and I would be over done in the suits I think.  I am pleased with my shopping, not so pleased with the hair.  I got a wild ideal a few days ago and cut my bangs... I know bangs are so out of style now days but I wanted something different...... and now wish I hadn't done that, oh well whats done is done I will live with it.  The hair is nice for beginning the new job.... after this cut I think I will let it grow back out some as I am ready to have some length back.

After my shopping trip I came back home and helped in the yard.  I rolled up extension cords and raked more leaves (my shoulders are so sore right now I dread to feel them tomorrow) but I feel good after spending the day in the sun!

I just showered and blew my hair dry, now I sit in my chair all relaxed waiting on SteakOut to bring me my dinner as T-Bone and I were so busy today neither of us stopped to eat, we are famished!

Tomorrow... I have more raking to do (you should have seen the leaves, it is a real job!), I need to clean out my car/wash/vacuum it, need to do some laundry, and give the dog a bath.  I have to get my tasks I want to get done finished before 3 pm because Desmond has baseball tryouts. 

Ahhhh, now I sit and chill with my man.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Southern Fried Snark (Surprise)

I was pleasantly surprised today. As I previously posted that I was more than lazy today and stayed in bed most of the day, I was extremely behind on my gmail, I had over 100 emails that have been sitting in my box all weekend. I proceeded to delete them (err I mean check them) when I noticed one that said (DO NOT DELETE) and I was like hmmm, I clicked on it, and it was a gift. I won something? Did I get this gift just for my wonderful existence here on this planet? What is this? I continued reading and it said that Southern Fried Snark had sent me a gift card for $25 dollars to Amazon. I am a fan of the Snark, and I truly think these two ladies are the snarkiest. I still don't know why I got it, but I like feeling like a winner! :)Link

Now, more on the Southern Fried Snark. This show cracks me up, maybe its some of the faces the gals make, the content and subject manner, the ability to read the running chat or just watching them live on my computer screen.... its intriguing. It is fun. And what else, or what better would anyone have to do on Tues or Thurs night at 9 pm then to watch them?

For example. Subject for tonight's show, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday with discussions from King cake that continued to shooting breast milk and condoms. The gals are hoot. I miss hanging with them, and this is a great way I that I get to enjoy their snarkiness on a more regular basis.

Anyway, Thanks to Southern Fried Snark for my gift, and those who do not follow them should. Check out their website anytime and to catch them live click their live link on Tues or Thursday night (9pm cst).

A no name post

Today was awesome. My man stayed home, played hooky with me today. We stayed in the bed until (OhIamashamedtoadmitit) 2:30 pm, yes all damn day. Then we got up and got dressed and headed to Waffle House for breakfast. We have had many a late date night at the Waffle House in the early years of our love. The food was actually really good. Could have been that we were both hungry enough to start gnawing on our own arms had we waited just another hour to eat. The day was blissful, relaxing and full of love and affection. I love today!

The laziness will soon come to an end. Back to the hectic schedule, that made my life sane and normal. I am excited about my new position. I can wear real clothes. I mean no scrubs. It has been over 10 years since I have had the opportunity not to wear scrubs and get this, I have NEVER had a job where I can wear casual dress, every day type clothes. I am going to actually get to fix myself up to go to work, instead up putting on those ever forgiving scrubs and the old pony tail. I get to feel pretty and fix myself up to go to work. Always makes me feel all grown up and attractive to take the time to fix myself up, going for interviews I feel like a normal person as I am dressed like those around me for the most part. This may encourage the weight loss? who knows at this point I am game for anything that MAY help. The folks that I will be working with, well I don't know them yet but they seem to be really nice and the environment seemed to be of one that I will fit in and feel comfortable working in. I am excited about it all. I look forward to this beginning.

I do dread that starting back, after such a long break. This has to be the longest break of employment I have had since I began working at 15. I have learned from this break, I can not be a successful SAHM. I can not deal with the uncertainty of my income, the sporadic schedule of a day, the management of the things that I need to do when I have more time to do it. I work better under pressure, when I MUST get things done because there is no tomorrow to do it. If I don't have that rush schedule, I basically think I have all the time in the world to do it and put it off, procrastinate.....horribly.... and then find that there is no time to do it, and then start all over with having the time but not doing it. It is pretty pathetic really... so I am more than thankful to be able to get back out in the work force. I welcome the rush schedule (omygosh baseball starts in a few weeks) and having to juggle everything in my life, I am ready to return to the way I function the best.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's my family and I decided we would take off on a day trip to Chattanooga. We visited the Tennesse Aquarium, took a nice boat ride on the River Gorge and watched Under The Sea in IMAX 3D. We had a great trip there and on the ride home we stopped for ice cream and laughs too. It was a wonderful day full of love for my family. I am so thankful for my loves and the love they give me.

Here are some pictures from the trip... many many many of them!

Since there were so many, and today is Valentine's Day I decided to pick a few of me and Thomas or my Valentine to share on this post (see below).

At the entrance to Ocean Adventure
Tonya and T-Bone

My Valentine

The happy couple

On the boat

My silly, wonderful, sexy, adorable love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Recent photos, just cause

Desmond and Rueben
Desmond's foot, Desmond and Rueben

The Champions of the family tag football game.

She throws like a girl (giggle)

Look at that booty *yummy*. If you look closely, you see mud all down his left side, he had just finished rolling on the ground after sliding, and Desmond is still laughing over it.

Kibbles and Bits and Bits (that is what his face reminds me of anyway) Adorable.
Cool Dude


She still rules the house, Princess Trixie. (shown here in Rueben's bed)

He makes a bigger mess than a two year old!

But then he smiles like this and it doesn't matter the he makes messes.

Not a care in the world.

You should see these two together. Adorable!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mixed CD

My T-Bone gives me mixed CD's often. I say often we have been together for 7 years and I have 4 mixed CD's. Unfortunetly one of them is scratched so bad (I played the hell out of it) but the others are put up. My most recent one is awesome. It has old folk type songs, and some old slow melodys and it is just breathtakingly smooth to listen to. I love him and love my new CD!

What fun, what love

My sweetie and I are planning to take the children and go to the Tennessee Aquarium this weekend. It may not sound like a blast to some but it is going to be awesome for me. I love little trips with the family to go see new things or do ANYTHING! My kids have never been to the aquarium and you know what I haven't either! I am stoked about it! We will view a movie in IMAX-3D which will be interesting in itself, plus see so many unfamiliar creatures and things that I just can't wait. We get to act silly and ride in the car for hours (I get to drive my children crazy!!! hehe).

I will take plenty of photos, don't you worry yourself (giggle).

And soon.... very soon, like two weeks from now soon we will be in B'ham, Al. seeing none other than the wonderful Mr. Eric Clapton. My life is soooo blessed. Love, fun and good times with my family and a special evening with my man. I may have stress on me and things may not be going just as I had hoped for, but this my friend is living. I am loved. I have an awesome and amazing family. My heart smiles. Yes it smiles.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine (How I love thee)

I thought I would take a moment to express my love for my man! He rocks my world. Here a simple list of the ways I love him.

100 ways I love him
1. The way he looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
2. The way he smiles at me.
3. The way he says “you sure are pretty” just out of the blue.
4. The way the touches me.
5. The way he makes me drinks.
6. The way he makes such awesome food.
7. The way he spoils me.
8. The way he puts up Christmas lights.
9. The way he handmade a canoe.
10. The way he teaches our children.
11. The way he loves me.
12. The way he loves my children.
13. The way he snuggles with me.
14. For our trip to see Indy car races the first time.
15. For our trip to see them the second time.
16. For our wonderful weekend in the Smokey Mountains
17. For our first beach trip together (alone).
18. For our second beach trip together (with kiddos).
19. For our third beach trip together (with kiddos).
20. For our fourth trip together (alone).
21. For the first flowers he ever gave me.
22. For my surprise yellow flowers just to brighten up my day.
23. For my surprise red and white carnations because he loves me.
24. For my two dozen roses, balloons, teddy bear, and chocolate he spoiled me with for V-Day last year.
25. For my big ol’ gorilla he gave me for Valentine’s one year.
26. For my beautiful emerald ring he gave me.
27. For my pink fossil watch with a little heart shape he gave me.
28. For my green fossil watch he gave me.
29. For my Alabama Fossil watch he gave me.
30. For my trip to Graceland for Mother’s day.
31. For my trip to Rock City and Ruby falls for Easter.
32. TMI: For his tongue and those wonderful talents (had to through that in) hehe
33. For the home he has made our house.
34. For fixing things when they break.
35. For giving me boom boom in my car.
36. For loving our furry family as much as I do.
37. For being a dad he didn’t have to be.
38. For all the movies he has watched with me.
39. For all the tv shows we have enjoyed together.
40. For the way he makes me feel complete.
41. For all the encouragement he gives to me.
42. For loving my silly faces.
43. For loving me even though I am so corny.
44. For allowing me to be me.
45. For seeing me as beautiful even when I look a mess.
46. For all the nice bike rides we have shared.
47. For the not so nice rides we shared (like that time we rode over 30 miles in pouring rain) haha.
48. For those quiet moments out in the canoe.
49. For the fishing sitting on the bank.
50. For the swimming trips to point mallard.
51. For the way he seems to know it all.
52. For being there for me when I gashed my eyelid open.
53. For being there for me when I hurt my back.
54. For being there for me when I stepped in a whole and tore a ligament in my foot.
55. For babying me when I feel puny.
56. For not getting mad or saying a word, if I don’t feel doing housework.
57. For saying "it’s ok that can wait", because he knows how tired I am.
58. For all the many laughs we’ve shared.
59. For all the tears that we have bared.
60. For helping me through life lessons.
61. For teaching me some of those lessons.
62. For being there for me when my employer crushed me.
63. For giving me body rubs.
64. For simply giving me a hug.
65. For maintaining a date night for use to indulge in.
66. For playing games with me and giving me a wii.
67. For the way he says he loves me and looks at me that way.
68. For doing nothing but trying to make me happy.
69. For putting up with my weirdness.
70. For loving me despite all my negative ways.
71. For being the rock in my family.
72. For how he wants to connect my dots (when he is talking about my freckles) hehe.
73. For the way he tries to keep things romantic.
74. For choosing me when there was a choice to be made.
75. For how he loves his family.
76. For his intelligence and seeing what it is like to be with a man who is actually (shhh don’t tell him I said this) smarter than me.
77. For how he use to dance with me.
78. For laughs we had while line dancing.
79. For wearing matching shirts with me.
80. For wearing matching boots.
81. For teaching me how to play pool.
82. For all his Halloween scares and the fun he brings to my life.
83. For how he has that habit of picking on his head and looking like a monkey.
84. For his sunflower seed eating ability.
85. For going to all of Desmond’s baseball games and helping him learn to play.
86. For going to all of Destiny’s performances and being a great daddy.
87. For telling me it will be ok even when we aren’t really sure.
88. For being there and my security.
89. For driving me around.
90. The way that we kiss.
91. For that goatee he leaves for me just because I like it.
92. The way that he smells.
93. His sense of humor.
94. His romantic side.
95. His character.
96. His charm.
97. His honesty.
98. His companionship.
99. For all that he has been, will be and is.
100. I love him for who he is.
101. For my laptop.
102. For my diamond earrings.
103. For letting me drive the stang.
104. For letting me wear his clothes.
105. For keeping life exciting.
106. For taking me to see BAMA play.
107. For all the fun game days we have had.

There are so many more things I could list. I made this list in less than hour off the top of my head, my cup literally over-floweth with love for this man! I couldn't stop at 100 and I could probably keep going for 100 more ways. I look forward to our future together.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Baseball and FedEx

Baseball signups are tonight, actually tonight is the last night of 3 signups because I am a procrastinator lately, I put it off as long as I possibly could. Reason why? Nope.

I have also missed the damn fed-ex man three days. (Thurs., Fri., and now today) DAMNIT!!!! He has my new replacement cell phone, I just know that is what it is. I was gone 20 minutes today. THAT IS ALL!!!! I ran to staples to make some copies and fax my resume out to a few places. Came straight back home. My daughter was here in the home (she is home sick today) and still I MISSED THE FEDEX MAN. She said "I heard him knocking but we've been told not to open the door when no one is home". GRRR stupid rules (Just kiddin' I want my children safe, but geesh).

Soooooooooo after baseball signups.... I will be heading to Madison to the fedex place to pick this stupid package up. I wouldn't mind it so bad but it says on the slip after 6 pm, and that my friend cuts into my family time, T-Bone has class on Tues. and Thurs right now so you see Monday nights are special, he is home and he won't be tomorrow!!!!! UGH. I hope to be home no later than 7 though so we can do something then I reckon. I am just bitchin' cause I can. :)

EDITED: Ok baseball signups were a breeze. I downloaded the forms and had the check made out before I got there. No problems. BUTTTTT I still didn't go to FedEx because on my way there was a traffic accident that had traffic at a stand still. SOOOOOOO I will go tomorrow. Growl!


Friday, February 5, 2010

one margarita, two margarita, three....

hit the floor? whew. I am lit, and should not be armed with a keyboard at the moment. I just wanted to express to any and everyone these freakin Margaritas are amazing! :) Have a great Friday evening and enjoy the weekend.

I am very bad

at NaBloPoMo Just sayin' I give already damnit. I don't like HAVING to blog every day, hell I would probably do it if I wasn't telling myself I HAVE to do it, because I am just that way.

I had another interview today... what is it with the folks taking the time to test you, interview you and then say we are not making our decision until March? Hello! It is just now Feb. 5th for Christ sake. What ever happened to those days when you applied, were interviewed and they liked you on the interview and hired you right there on the spot or gave you a nice call the next day with an offer? That just doesn't happen anymore. I am definitely putting forth effort here! I mean you compliment me on my attire, my skill set, my experience, and everything but say "oh now lets wait another month or so and we will make a decision to choose this loser over here over you by that time because I will have remembered her and forgot all about you since it was well over a month since our interview" and like always I will be the one getting screwed.

I will say though, life is good to me. My family is simply amazing. I have the best boyfriend a gal could dream to have. I have managed to stay ahead of the game as far as my bills and financial life goes despite being without a job. I just MUST find a job this month to continue on the positive side of things. HELLO potential person needing an awesome worker... I am RIGHT HERE!!!

And that's all folks.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Over 100

Yesterday I made my 100th post on Blogger. Now its not my 100th post ever.... so I wanted to take this moment to remind folks you can click on tonyatime on my navigation bar (up there ↑) to view all my previous post. But back to the celebration of my 101th post today.

I have accomplished some shit today, and its a damn good thing because tomorrow I will be gone all day. I attended a meeting last night regarding what I will be doing tomorrow, I voluteered to help with all state auditions for chorus at my daughters school. Simple lil' gesture to help out especially since I have no job. I am worried. Maybe I am over-reacting but after listening to what they want me to do tomorrow... I am scared. Terrified! I thought I would serve some drinks, hand out some papers, do something simple. No... I am a transporter of students. Means I take groups of children to the holding room, then to the warm up room, then to the audition room. Keep the groups of children flowing meaning when one group is where it is suppose to be I have to get the next group and place them in the proper place (this building has like a zillion rooms too, upstairs/downstairs.... if you get my point) all groups sheet music has to be checked in a in proper order and form completed properly which is also my responsibility. lol No I am not so pathetic that I can't handle this, I am just shocked the responsibilities they put on us whew. I think its because they didn't have many volunteers. There will be over 20 directors there which means 20 different schools worth of all state hopefuls. Nervous children, anticipating their acceptance. God bless them all. I will survive this 8-4 shift tomorrow.... then I will have fun looking forward to the weekend like most of the employed folks around me.

Happy Hump day to you all.

Today's Tied: I am tied to my cell phone as it hold potential employment opportunity for me and after it decided to crumble in my hands (literally) yesterday and I had to convert back to the older model phone I realized how important my phone is. It is a life line. I was heading to Athens yesterday when my phone "fell apart" and realized my kiddos couldn't call me, my man couldn't call me, my family couldn't reach me in case of emergency. I couldn't reach anyone if I needed assistance and I could have been missing out on a important job opportunity... that being said I am now tied to my phone more so then I realized.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What a day. Got up this morning and went for a 2 hour test, then tackled the grocery store, then put away all the groceries and got an unexpected call for an interview, then went to the interview, then my phone broke on the way to the interview, then I got out an old phone to hook up in place of my broken cell phone, then called verizon to report my broken phone and order a replacement, (got it at no charge to me with 10% discount to my account, and 250 extra minutes because the phone broke) then, have to cook dinner, and I have a meeting at 6 pm to go to for All State Auditions for chorus......THEN.. YES my friend.... THEN, I get to come home and relax.

Ties today: I am tied to my damn to-do list. Without that list I would go crazy this week, that is for sure.